45+ Free Minecraft Premium Accounts & Password (2023)

Free Premium Accounts for Minecraft: Do you enjoy creating new things and showcasing your creativity? With over 140 million active players, one of the most well-known sandbox video games is Minecraft. It enables you to construct anything out of leftover materials, including houses, towns, cars, cottages, and a variety of other objects.

However, Minecraft charges a fee for its services. To build your own empire and settle your people, you must buy the game from their official website.

Additionally, they offer free Minecraft Account trials that let you explore your creativity in the game, but many users have trouble with them. Additionally, children who use their school email address can sign up for a free Minecraft account.

But for regular people like us, spending money on games is something we constantly hesitate to do. Therefore, we made a list of active Free Minecraft Premium Accounts & Passwords so that you can get the game for free on your device.

To download any version of Minecraft on your PC or smartphone, simply log in to your Minecraft account using the provided email address and password on the Minecraft.net website.

Features of a free premium account in Minecraft:

There are several aspects in Minecraft that provide users complete creative freedom to create anything of their own design. Whether you are a novice or a pro, you will comprehend everything in the game with ease.

Access to premium servers: Gain unique access to Minecraft’s premium servers to unlock exceptional multiplayer experiences. Enter worlds that have been especially created, work together with companions, and go on adventures that are exclusive to these high-end realms.

Make your skin unique.
By using special skins to alter their appearance, you may give your Minecraft character a distinctive personality. Custom skins enable you to embody your own persona, whether it be a warrior, a wizard, or simply your personal style.

Access to new features: The creator of Minecraft, Mojang, is always including new features in the game. With a premium subscription for Minecraft, you will no longer miss any updates. When these new features are made available, you will be able to use them.

Game save availability: Premium account holders have game save availability at all times. If you must abruptly end your game session, this is an excellent approach to prevent losing progress.

In Minecraft, receive rewards: Gold, gems, and coins will be given to you as daily rewards and task rewards. Armed goods, basic resources, and supplies for home decoration can all be purchased with these prizes.

45+ Free Minecraft Premium Accounts & Password August  (2023)

We are going to provide the authentic Minecraft accounts because we are aware of your love for the game. The full list of premium Minecraft accounts is available below. Don’t forget to keep the passwords for these accounts unchangeable

Minecraft Email Password
perezezra@gmail.com uan2dall16
npm94@gmail.com op49706gh
loptereson230@gmail.com Ryiop1967
mvcmarcus@gmail.com Sropanka1
svetlanaham@gmail.com opue1234z
lineamusica@gmail.com golfhhti16v
historymakerone@gmail.com 8A8r32408
wingflier@gmail.com amnneenio7
gramercygirl26@gmail.com ioptan100
s164783@gmail.com Tigerman100
jetteze@gmail.com otrugar143E
zapolskiy@gmail.com pohadoo19
bvog9ro@gmail.com optew424
serviceman7@gmail.com phytator79
awbrenn@gmail.com gatewiop1
shmooer@gmail.com justop89
maxvasnev@gmail.com Ausopk98
faster99@gmail.com Chinaman78
moskalenkodenis@gmail.com Freemont21
trolldepo2@gmail.com doo@6194$%
recorian12341@gmail.com D@#anilo1991
jdhaliwal@gmail.com Ind0ch%ina
irina555@gmail.com pacman0^00

So, here are some valid Minecraft account information. Use the aforementioned login information to access the official Minecraft website. After that, any version of Minecraft for your PC is available for free download.

If you are unable to sign in or experience any errors, the password has likely been changed. Although we constantly ask people not to change their passwords, they invariably do.

We attempt to update the database at a certain period because it is difficult to keep track of all the accounts. As soon as the Minecraft accounts are updated, you can bookmark this page and return to it later.

How Do I Make a Premium Account in Minecraft?

You must buy the game from the Minecraft website in order to create your own premium account. Do the following things to achieve this:

1 .Click the “Get Minecraft” button on the Minecraft site.
2 .Select the gaming platform you want to use, such as PC, Xbox, PS, etc.
3. Choose the Minecraft edition you want to buy. You must buy Minecraft: Java Edition in order to get a premium account.
4 . Select “Check out” from the menu.
5 . Use your Microsoft account to log in. Create a new Microsoft account from this page if you don’t already have one.
6 . Create a password for Minecraft and enter your contact details.
7 . Complete the transaction now by making a payment using your preferred method, such as a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

You can make a Minecraft profile once you’ve purchased Minecraft: Java Edition. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

1 . Visit the Minecraft website and select “Profile” from the menu.
2 . Specify your login information.
3 . Select “Create Profile” from the menu.
You’re about to create your Minecraft profile. To access your Minecraft Premium Account and play the game, log in using this profile.

When making your own Minecraft premium account, keep the following in mind as well:

  • A premium account for Minecraft costs $29.99.
  • Per the email address, only one premium Minecraft account can be created.
  • Both your Minecraft username and password are editable at any moment.
  • You can connect a Microsoft account to your Minecraft account. You may then sign in to Minecraft and play the game on any device using your Microsoft account.

Final Words?

All right, guys! You now know everything there is to know about free premium accounts for Minecraft. A list of active Minecraft accounts that you may use to play the game for free has been made available.

It could be challenging to find a functioning account, but you can make your own by buying the game in the interim. If you are unable to afford to buy the game, keep an eye on the table in this article and take advantage of any free offers for premium accounts when they become available.


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