5 Best PDF to Word Converters: Convert PDF to Word for Free

Have you ever tried editing a PDF document but faced restrictions? Do you wish to make your PDF files editable? Well, you must be aware that Word format is the easiest way to edit a file or create a document from scratch. However, you shouldn’t be looking forward to writing the entire text in your PDF document in a Word file on your own, as it will take ample time and leave chances of inaccuracies. You can use the online PDF to Word converters to prevent this nuisance.

When it comes to exploring online PDF conversion tools, we are aware that most of them offer below-par results. If you are struggling to find the right companion, continue reading this blog until the end. Here we will highlight the 5 best online PDF to Word converters. So let’s look into it without any further ado!

1. PDF Converter – PDF to Word (Android Application)

This PDF to Word converter is an Android application that consists of several PDF conversions. To use this app, you’ll need to install it on your Android device. Smartphone users prioritize getting an app instead of visiting a web-based tool.

To convert a PDF file to Word with this app, you need to access the device’s storage and import the PDF file from it. Once you have uploaded the PDF file, the app will present you with accurate results in a matter of instance. You can easily download the converted Word document on your device with a single click on the button.

2. PDF to Word Converter by SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools offers the best online PDF to Word converter with a wide range of other online utilities. The easy accessibility of this utility and its advanced outcomes make it the best choice for users.

You don’t need to go through any registration process to use this converter. You just need a stable internet connection to access and use this online PDF to word converter. Its compatibility with all kinds of devices and operating systems makes it a reliable option for everyone around the globe.

Unlike several online tools, this PDF to Docx converter won’t restrict you to a limited number of conversions in a single day. You can convert as many PDF files to Word as you like without facing restrictions.

3. PDF to Word Converter by DupliChecker

DupliChecker is another popular website that offered many free tools for internet users. It is a web-based utility, you don’t need to download it on your device to conduct the required conversions. To use this PDF to Docx Converter, the users just need to access it through their device’s browser, insert the PDF file they wish to convert, and hit the convert to Word button. The tool will just take a few seconds to process your PDF file and provide it in Word format. The multi-lingual support of this online tool makes it easily accessible to everyone around the globe. 

4. SmallPDF

SmallPDF’s PDF-to-Word converter is one of the top contenders in the list of the best online PDF to Word converters. This facility is best known for its quick and accurate conversions. The platform assures its users of their data protection; after conversion, the files uploaded by users get removed from its servers automatically. You can access this utility from any device, be it Mac, Linux, or Windows.

You won’t have to make any changes to the converted Word document, as this tool ensures to provide you with precise outcomes. This platform also supports cloud storage; hence, the users can easily access their Dropbox or Google Drive accounts and import files directly. However, while using its free version, you are only allowed to convert 2 documents each day. To unlock unlimited conversions, you’ll need to become a premium member by purchasing one of its plans.

5. iLovePDF

iLovePDF is last on this list of best PDF to Word converters, but you must not consider it the least significant one. This website is jam-packed with a wide range of PDF tools that allow you to convert files from and to PDF. It also offers multiple utilities to manage PDFs, such as lock PDF, merge PDF, compress PDF, split PDF, etc.

If you are looking forward to finding an easy way to convert PDF to Word, then you’ll find the name of this tool at the top. However, its free version is available for limited usage only; to gain full access to the tools offered on this platform, you’ll need to get subscribed to its premium plan, which starts from $4 per month.

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