How to appear Offline on WhatsApp and Hide ‘Online Status’ Android

Sometimes we want to Appear Offline on WhatsApp to ignore someone’s messages and don’t want to read them for some time. But We wish to chat with anybody else. So, In this article, I am going to tell you how you can easily Appear Offline on WhatsApp while Online and Send Messages to anyone without knowing anybody that you are online.

WhatsApp is the best messenger app among all messaging apps, mainly because of its amazing quality and best features. Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t allow its users to control their “Offline” and “Online” visibility. Whenever you will open your WhatsApp account, your visibility will be shown as “Online” to your contacts.

However, you can control your “last seen” visibility to no one but you can’t control the offline and online visibility. But if you wish that you can send messages to anybody without knowing anyone that you are online, then you should pay more attention to this post.

How to appear Offline on WhatsApp?

As I said earlier WhatsApp doesn’t allow its users to control their “Offline” and “Online” visibility. But there is some WhatsApp mod app that allows you to control your offline and online visibility.

FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp are the most trusted MOD APK for WhatsApp. You can control everything with the help of these apps:

  • Hide Last Seen.
  • Hide offline and online visibility.
  • Anti-Delete status.
  • Anti-Delete Messages.
  • Show Last seen a few days ago date when you are online.
  • See the status of your contacts without knowing them.
  • Enable Flight mode only for WhatsApp and surf the internet.
  • Read messages of anyone without knowing them.

If anyone sends messages to you, you can read them easily and they will see only one tick until you reply to them. There are other advanced features like changing theme, switching dark/light theme and etc.

So without wasting your time, let’s see “How to appear Offline on WhatsApp and Hide ‘Online Status’ for Android“. Follow the below steps carefully.

1. Hide Online visibility with FMWhatsApp

First of all, You will have to Download and Install FMWhatsApp or you can use GBWhatsApp too. Here is the link to download these apps.

  • FMWhatsApp-

Note:- As you know that you can’t use two WhatsApp accounts with one phone number on a single device. So I will recommend you to use another number or if you wish to continue with your current WhatsApp number, it will erase your previous chats, media, etc.

You will see a fresh account as you see when you create your WhatsApp account for the first time. Verify your Mobile number and open the app.

Now follow the below steps to hide your online status.

Step 1: Open FMWhatsApp and tap on the “three dots” above the right corner.

Step 2: Then click on “FMMods” and tap on “Privacy and Security“.

how to hide whatsapp online status while chatting

Step 3: Now Enable “Freeze Last Seen” under the Privacy tab and restart the app.

whatsapp offline app

Tip: Enable all the features as I have enabled in the following picture.

That’s it!! You can appear Offline on WhatsApp and can easily Hide ‘Online Status’ on your android device.

If you don’t find the first one trustable, here are some alternative ways to hide your online visibility. You can’t freeze your last seen as like FMWhatsApp but you can hide your last seen status.

Alternative ways to show Offline on WhatsApp?

Here we have shared some alternative ways to hide your online status. You don’t need any other app to do so. You can change some settings in your official WhatsApp app and can stay offline on WhatsApp.

2. Set Last Seen to Nobody

This is the best-recommended way to stay offline. Nobody will know that when you were online but when you open WhatsApp, your Online visibility will be shown to your contacts.

Basically, it hides your last seen and it also restricts you to show anyone’s last seen. In simple words, you can’t see the last seen of anyone if you have set your last seen to Nobody.

Here are the easy steps to hide your last seen:

  1. Open WhatsApp settings and tap on “Account“.
  2. Now click on “Privacy” and tap on Last seen.
  3. Tap on “Nobody“.

how to stay offline on whatsapp

That’s all!! Now no one can’t see your last seen.

3. Force stop WhatsApp

This will stop notifications from WhatsApp until you open it again. You will be offline until you open WhatsApp. Follow the below steps to do so.

  1. Open the Settings of your phone and go to “Apps“.
  2. Now tap on “Installed apps” where all your apps are installed on your phone.
  3. Then look for “WhatsApp” and open it.
  4. Click on “Force Stop” and tap on Data Usage. Disable data usage and the Background data.

Now you will be offline on WhatsApp until you open it again.

4. Block the contact

If the person is irritating you, block his number and block his WhatsApp contact. This is the easiest way to do so and appear offline for him/her as much as you want.

5. Remove your DP

DP is known as Display Picture but I consider it as “DePressed”. When someone is sad or depressed they first remove their WhatsApp DP. You can also do so and it indicates that you are offline.

6. Delete the WhatsApp account

Un-install the app and be offline as much as you want. Now do your other work and give some rest to your eyes and mind.

7. Enable Flight Mode

If you want to take some rest from social media apps, then enable flight mode. When you are ready again to piss your eyes, then turn off the flight mode.

The Bottom Lines:

So these are some easy steps to keep you offline while you are online. The first method is totally working and it is totally safe. However we are not promoting any app or products here, you have to decide.

Official WhatsApp will not allow controlling your online and offline visibility. You can only hide your last seen on WhatsApp but can’t freeze it.

If there is anything that we can help you with, then feel free to ask via the comment below section.

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