How to Get Bot Lobbies in COD Warzone?

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play battle royale that features 150 players in a single match. Like most battle royale games, players land on a map, and one who remains till the last in the game becomes the winner. It also features custom matchmaking and Duo or Squad games which means you can play it with your friends too. But some players are obsessed with finding Bot Lobbies in COD Warzone.

We received many queries regarding ‘Is there any way to get Bot Loobies in Call of Duty Warzone?‘ If you also want some bots or NPCs (Non-player Characters) in your lobby, then read this article carefully.

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COD Warzone Bot Lobbies

When you install any battle royale game or online multiplayer game for the very first time, the game put you in a lobby with similar skills and lower-skills players. That lobby consists of bots too, you can easily kill them and become the winner. But when you start killing players in a row, the game understands your potential and put you in a lobby with similar skills for the next time.

However, you can find players with higher skills who have great K/D (Kill/Death Ratio) in your lobby. It doesn’t mean that all the players are highly skilled, but players with good skills can easily kill you.

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If you don’t manage to kill even 1 or 2 players in the matches, your K/D ratio will be worst and it exhibits your poor performance on stats.

Players who start the match in hope of getting 10 to 20 kills, end up being killed with 0 kills. Now they start looking for ways to improve their KD in COD Warzone. However, there is not any hack or trick to improve your KD in the game. You can only do it by killing other players.

How to Get Bot Lobbies in COD Warzone?

If you want to land on any map full of Bots, then here are some recommended methods for you. However, you can’t get any lobby full of bots, because it can’t be possible as you are a real player, so the game will look up for players with similar skills.

1. Create a new account and game ID.

This is the only working way to find bots lobbies in the Warzone game. When you create a new account and Game ID, the game is unaware of your skills and potential so it will put you in a lobby with almost zero-level skills players.

In this way, you can get Bot Lobbies in the Warzone game and can kill as many as you can. But once you start killing players, the game will be aware of your killing skills and potential, so chances are that you will matchmaker with similar skills players.

2. Play with Friends who have lower KD than yours.

When you play with your friends who have lower K/D than yours, then the game takes the average and drops you in a lobby with lover-skills players. You can also see bots and NCPs in those lobbies and can kill them easily without being get killed.

3. Connect VPN to get easy Lobbies.

You can use VPN for Warzone to get easier lobbies that are full of less-skilled players, or even bots. There are many regions and countries that you can connect to matchmake with lover skills players.

That’s all!! These methods can help you to get Bot Lobbies in COD Warzone. If you do have any queries regarding this, feel free to ask us via below comment section.

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