Can’t Run Friday Night Funkin Game: Here is How to Fix It?

So you made a plan today to play Friday Night Funkin Game but when you open the game, you see that can’t run the Friday Night Funkin game error on your screen.

Recently, Many users claimed that they are facing a Value Exception Error when they try to open the game on their PC. This game has lots of advanced features and errors are one of them. However, this error can be easily fixed, here we will show you how to fix the Value Exception Error in the Friday Night Funkin game.

Can’t Run Friday Night Funkin Game

Friday Night Funkin is a free online game where users have to pass multiple “weeks”, each week contains three songs. The opponents will sing a pattern of notes and you will appear as a Rapper and have to match the notes prompt on your screen by using the arrow keys.

This game is interesting and fascinated many users in a short period. The developers of this game roll out regular updates in which users get introduced to new characters and daring.

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Some users downloaded this game on their PC and said that they can’t run the Friday Night Funkin game because of some Value Exception Error.

Follow the below steps to fix this error:

How to Fix Value Exception Error?

Mainly, it happens because you try to open the game from the desktop icon.

Tip 1: Try to run as Administrator.

Tip 2: Don’t Run the game from Taskbar, try to launch the game from its  WinRAR file.

If it doesn’t fix your problem then create a .zip folder and paste all the stuff from the game folder. Now launch the game from the new .zip folder.

Tip 3: Download this game from the official website and launch the game.

I hope it fixes your problem, or if you have any queries related to this, feel free to ask via the comment below.

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