8 Ways to Fix PS5 Controller Not Responding or Working?

PS5 controller not responding

What to do when your PS5 controller is not responding or working? The saddest part is that you can’t do anything without the controller on your PS5. However, there are many possible causes for unresponsive PS5 controllers which can be fixed by following some methods. Here, we will look into the possible causes and solutions … Read more

How to Watch Paramount Plus on PS5? [2023 Guide]

Paramount Plus is officially available on Playstation 4, but for PS5 users it has been a mystery for many years. Since the release of PS5 in 2020, we have all been waiting to watch Paramount Plus on PS5. Paramount Plus on PS5 Paramount Plus is the top American OTT on-demand video streaming service. You can … Read more

How to Fix Xbox One HDMI No Signal & Black/Blue Screen Issue?

Are you also seeing “No Signal” or a Black and Blue screen on your Xbox One Monitor? Xbox One HDMI No Signal is one of the most annoying errors for Xbox One users and can be fixed by following some possible methods. Causes for an Xbox One HDMI No Single: Xbox users need to connect … Read more

10 Ways to Fix YouTube Not Working or Crashing on PS5?

Does your PS5 can’t run the YouTube app or you are seeing a black screen while opening it, then here are some methods to Fix YouTube Not Working or Crashing on your PS5. PS5 YouTube Not Working. Sony PlayStation is adding more features day by day to make their consoles more familiar and attractive. Now … Read more

How to Transfer PS4 Clips to Phone (Android & iPhone) [No USB]

Transfer PS4 Clips to your Phone

Transferring PS4 clips to Phones is still vital for most gamers. Many gamers desire to share their gameplay on TikTok, Whatsapp, and Instagram. But the share feature of PlayStation 4 Capture Gallery is limited to YouTube and Twitter. However, it hasn’t any default feature to share PS4 videos on your Android or iPhone smartphone. The … Read more

How to Fix 2002-0001 Nintendo Switch Error Code? (2023)

2002-0001 Nintendo Switch Error Code has become a very frustrating bug for Nintendo Switch errors. This error occurs during System Startup. However, many users said that they get the Nintendo Switch Error Code 2002-0001 anytime while playing games. If you are also getting this error code, then don’t worry. Here, we have mentioned some working … Read more