How to Contact Call Of Duty: Mobile Activision Customer Support

Call Of Duty: Mobile Customer Support: If you are facing any trouble or error in your COD Mobile game, then it is better to contact the customer support of this game. This article will guide you on how to contact Call Of Duty: Mobile Activision Customer Support.

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best online battle royale games with PvP and sniper gameplay. This game also features a Multiplayer mode in which 100 players are landed on different maps and only one can win the match.

Sometimes, players can face some glitches, errors, and account bans on their Call Of Duty: Mobile gameplay. If your account has also been banned and wants to recover it, then contacting Activision Customer Support is the only option for you.

How to Contact Call Of Duty: Mobile Activision Customer Support?

You can contact COD: Mobile Activision Customer Support in many ways like community support, live chat support, contact forum support, E-mail, Social Media supports, etc.

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Here, I will tell you all the possible and working methods to contact the Call Of Duty: Mobile Customer Support for free.

1. Visit the Call of Duty: Mobile Activision support page.

First and foremost, Visit the Activision support page from here. You’ll reach the Activision customer support option and it will ask you to log in to your Activision account.

It is necessary to have an Activision account to use the support options. If you do not have an Activision account, then you can create it by clicking on the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button.

Once you create your account, log in to the Activision website and go to the customer support options.

Now select the game in which you are getting issues like Call of Duty: Mobile or any other game.

Choose the platform on which you are playing the game i.e. Android, iOS, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, etc.

Now click on the Topic button to choose the topic that best fits your problem, like “Game Performance” or “Activision Account” from the drop-down menu.

Finally, select the issue you are dealing with, such as “Forgot my password,” “Unable to access account,” “Report a bug,” or “Can’t connect online.” Don’t hesitate while select the issue that is bothering you.

Once, you described your issue, a pop-up will appear to guide you for further steps. Follow the on-screen instructions, and, you’ll be taken to a troubleshooting page.

Follow the articles published on the troubleshooting page to fix your error. If that doesn’t help, then click on “More solutions” for additional help. You’ll be taken to a live chat session page where you can ask a live person for help.

2. Call Of Duty: Mobile FAQs Support.

You can also choose the Activision FAQs support that can easily fix your issue. Visit the support page for COD: Mobile and click on the article that suits your issue.

You can easily deal with your problem by reading those articles.

3. Activision Account Recovery Request.

If your Activision account was hacked and you need help recovering it, then you can use the “Activision Account Recovery Request” option.

Contact Activision Customer Support for Call of Duty: Mobile

There you can find many options to get your Call of Duty: Mobile Activision account back by using the account recovery options. You’ll be asked for many details and it may take some time to understand your issue.

4. COD Mobile Customer Support via Email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can also reach Activision customer support by sending an e-mail to their email address. Try to completely describe your issue in a single mail and send it to

If that doesn’t help, you can send them a DM to their official Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, or Instagram accounts.

By following the above methods, you can definitely Contact Call Of Duty: Mobile Activision Customer Support in many ways. Moreover, you read some tips and guides by Activision to keep your account safe from here.

I hope your issue will be noticed and you will get a permanent fix soon by Activision soon. You can also tell us about your issue while playing COD: Mobile by using the comment box below. We will try to fix your COD: Mobile error as soon as possible.

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