How to Delete Login Passcode for PS4?

Login Passcodes are used to verify the identity of a user during the authentication process. But it may be time-consuming for some users who just want to play games without any interruption. They can delete Login Passcode for their PS4 gaming console.

When you set up your PlayStation for a new user, it recommends you set a Login Passcode (a 4-digit number) so no one else can access your PS4.

However, you can delete the Passcode for your PS4 Account login easily. Here, I will show you how to Delete Login Passcode for PS4.

How to Delete Login Passcode for PS4?

Clear Cache of PS4

Note: The below steps don’t bypass or remove the Passcode if you have forgotten the current Login Passcode for your PS5. You will have to enter the current Login Passcode in order to remove it from the lock screen.

To remove the Login Passcode for PS4, Follow the below steps:

    1. First of all, log in to your PS4 using the current Passcode.
    2. Click on Settings from the middle-top menu.
    3. Select Login Settings.
    4. Now choose Login Passcode Management from the list.
    5. There you can see two options:
      • Change Login Passcode
      • Delete Login Passcode
    6. If you want to change the login passcode for your PS4, then you can choose the first option.
    7. Select the Delete Login Passcode option.
    8. Now it will ask you to enter your current login passcode.
    9. Enter your current login passcode and choose the OK button.

That’s it!! Your Login Passcode for PS4 will be deleted. You can check this by logging out from your PS4. Select your User Profile and you can see that you have reached the home screen without entering any Login Passcode.

So these are some easy steps that can help you to Delete Login Passcode for PS4. I hope you can remove the Login PIN from your PlayStation 4 and jump into your account.

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