10+ Free Facebook Auto Liker Apps for Android 2023

Wants to get thousand and millions of likes on your Facebook posts, photos, and videos. Here are some best Free Facebook Auto Liker Apps for Android.

Facebook auto liker apps are the easiest ways to get instant likes on Facebook photos, posts, and videos. Not only likes you can even get random comments on your FB posts. It does not matter how many Facebook friends you have. You can use these Free FB auto likers to get random Facebook likes & comments.

Facebook Auto Liker Apps 2023

Facebook is a social networking site where everyone likes to share their images and recent status with friends and the public. By the way, today is the time of likes and comments on Facebook. When we upload a photo or post, we measure how many likes and comments have been made.

Facebook Auto Liker Apps

The more you gain likes or comments on your Facebook Profile, it represents your fan following and support. Nowadays, everyone wants more likes on their Facebook photos, posts, and videos.

To fulfill their needs for Facebook likes, many people use Fb auto liker apps 2023 and FB auto commenters apps. 

At this time there are many auto-liker apps in the Android App Store. But 95% of them are unusual and fake. If you will search the FB auto liker app in the Play store you will get many results. If you will have a look at their reviews, the guys are not satisfied with that & You should know that many working auto liker apps are not listed in Play Store.

Then what to do? Don’t worry! Here I have collected the top 10 Best Free Facebook Auto Liker Apps for Your Android Mobile. I have also given a download link so that you can download & use them for free.

Suggestions on using the Facebook liker apps:

  • Don’t use these liker apps in your real Facebook account.
  • Your FB account can be hacked because they require Access Token which is the same as a Facebook password.
  • Getting likes on Facebook using these Facebook liker apps/websites is against Facebook TOS.
  • Excessive use of FB auto liker may block your Facebook Account Permanently.
  • So try these Facebook auto-liker apps at your own risk.

10 Best Free Facebook Auto Liker Apps for Android

1. DJ Liker.apk

DJ liker.apk is one of the famous and widely used auto liker apps. It is totally protected site & never spammed. You can get 250+ likes using this DJ liker. Actually, Dj liker is made with the aim to provide likes on Facebook with auto liking applications. It is programmed to help Facebook users who didn’t get likes on their posts & beg other people to do it!

This FB auto-liker app is marked as safe and you can get millions of likes and comments for free. Here I have given some easy steps that will help you to get more FB likes and comments.

Steps to get Fb auto likes-

Step 1: Enable Followers from your Facebook settings.

Step 2: Make your status/photo public by going to the privacy setting. Make–> Public to get likes.

Step 3: Click on the Login button.

Step 4: Log in to Facebook and allow the application to access your account. (Please grant access at your own risk.)

Step 5: Click Submit on the top of the photo or status on which you want to get likes.

2. 500 Liker.

Liker app offers you very simple and intuitive graphics. By using this app, you have to like other photos to earn credits and use them to get likes on your Facebook profile.

How to Unlock your Facebook Profile

You can Get Lots of likes on your Facebook status or profile photos and timeline photos in just 1 min. Yapp makes this app! The Liker app is also a very popular app. It is used by 1+ million users. So why not you?

3. Hublaa – Real Facebook Auto Liker App

Hublaa liker.apk is a free platform to get Facebook likes, and reactions on your Photos, videos, shared posts, and status. You can get huge likes and reactions to your posts by visiting Hublaa.my website.

You can get likes from both your country and an International country. Also, You can customize likes and reactions. FB likes are boring so Hublaa offers you to get Facebook reactions to your posts for free.

4. Wefbee

Wefbee.apk is an all-in-one platform where you can get Facebook likes, reactions, comments, Auto followers, Auto Friend requests, etc. They claim that their website is 100% secure and they don’t spam.

This Facebook liker tool works instantly and serves your thousand likes and reacts within a few seconds. No matter in which country you are, this tool is free for everyone.

5. Apental Calc

Apental FB liker is an advance and awesome tool to get likes and reactions on your Facebook posts, status, photos, videos, etc. This app is absolutely free for everyone and you can get unlimited comments on your FB posts and photos.

You can also get millions of likes on your Pages, and shares. The best thing about this tool is that it is totally user-friendly. So what are you waiting for, get this FB liker tool now?

6. King 1K Facebook auto Liker

King Liker app is the best alternative to dj liker app. Just use this app and get 250+ likes at a time on your Facebook status, pictures, videos, FB page, etc.

Get Free Facebook Likes on your Photos without Access Token/Login. Yes, you heard it right, Now no need to use the Like exchange websites because you will get Free Likes without Login your Facebook account/access token.

7. 4Liker Mobile App

4Liker Mobile.apk is one of the best free FB auto liker apps that allows you to get auto likes, comments, and reactions on your Facebook photo, status videos, and custom post URLs.

If you are unhappy with the likes on your Facebook posts, then you can sort it out by using this amazing Facebook liker app. This android app is easily available on the Internet and you can download and install it on your smartphone from there.

8. Social Liker App

Social Liker.apk is another auto-liker for your Android device. Using this app you can get unlimited likes on your Facebook photo, status video, and custom post URL.

If you also get fewer likes on your Facebook status or photos, then you can solve this problem. Get thousands of likes and comments on your Facebook status or photo in just 1 min with the help of the Social Liker app.

9. F8 Fb Liker

F8 auto liker is an auto exchange tool to get instant Facebook likes and reactions. This app offers you legal and human likes on your posts and photos. You can get likes instantly without paying anything.

10. Free Facebook auto liker

Free liker is the best free website to get quick Likes, reactions, and comments on your Facebook posts. You can use this tool as a Facebook page liker for getting likes and reactions to your Facebook Pages. They provide followers with your Facebook account.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Can my Facebook account may be hacked by using Facebook liker apps?

Ans: Obviously! These tools get access to your account and can see sensitive information on your account. So I suggest you use these FB liker tools on your fake account.

Q- How many Likes and reactions can I get on my Photos and Posts?

Ans: You can get many likes as per your wish. But you will have to hard work to get many likes.

Q- Can I get likes on my Facebook Pages?

Ans: Yes you can get likes on your Facebook pages too. I have mentioned some best tools above.

Q- Is it legal to use Facebook auto likers apps and tools?

Ans: No! Why would any company give you their services for free? Before using this tool, they take access to your account. Your personal information can be leaked.

Last Words – Free Facebook auto Liker Apps

Facebook is the first choice of everyone to engage with their social friends on their mobile phones. Regular FB user always uploads their photos, videos, and statuses so their loved ones can see him/his latest updates.

But many Facebook users didn’t receive many likes and reactions to their photos. It looks awkward for them and they start searching for some Facebook auto-liker apps.

Here we have mentioned some best working 100% Free FB Auto Liker apps that you can use to get instant likes, comments, followers, and reactions on your Facebook timeline. They are free to use but use them wisely or your account may be hacked and we will not be responsible for any harm.

If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to ask us via the below comment section.

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