How to Fix 2002-0001 Nintendo Switch Error Code? (2023)

2002-0001 Nintendo Switch Error Code has become a very frustrating bug for Nintendo Switch errors. This error occurs during System Startup. However, many users said that they get the Nintendo Switch Error Code 2002-0001 anytime while playing games.

If you are also getting this error code, then don’t worry. Here, we have mentioned some working methods that can help you to troubleshoot the 2002-0001 error on your Switch console.

Causes of 2002-0001 Nintendo Switch Error Code?

Nintendo is trying its best to provide a better gaming experience to its users. But, many users are unable to use their Nintendo Switch console properly as they are seeing a 2002-0001 error during system startup.

When users turn on their Nintendo Switch console from sleep mode, they see a warning with Nintendo Switch Error Code  2002-0001. Many users also said that they are seeing this error anytime.

The 2002-0001 Error Code can occur on the Nintendo Switch console for many reasons:

  • Corrupted System & Software data.
  • Damaged or Corrupted MicroSD card.
  • Outdated cache.
  • Unstable internet connection.

We will show you both ways to fix the 2002-0001 error code whether you are getting this error during System Startup or at any time.

How to Fix 2002-0001 Nintendo Switch Error Code?

1. Force Restart your Nintendo Switch Console.

If you are getting the 2002-0001 error code during System Startup, then you should Force Restart your Nintendo Switch Console. Press and hold the Power button at the top of the console for approx 15 seconds until the screen goes dark.

Now Press the power button again and check if it completely turns on without any error.

2. Change or remove MicroSD from the console.

If the error code 2002-0001 is still appearing on your screen after restarting the device and not turning on, then you should change or remove the MicroSD card from your console.

  • First of all, Turn off your Nintendo Switch console.
  • Now remove the MicroSD card and wait for approx 5 minutes.
  • Turn on the console and check if the 2002-0001 error has been fixed.

Tip: You can format your old MicroSD card in FAT32 format or insert another MicroSD card in your Nintendo Switch.

3. Reset your Nintendo Switch console.

This can be hard for some users as they might lose their game’s progress and saved data. But resetting your Switch console via Recovery mode may fix all the bugs and the 2002-0001 error code as well. However, this process will wipe out all the data, games, and Nintendo account from your console.

To Format the Nintendo Switch console, follow the below steps:

  1. Press and hold the Power and Volume +  buttons together for approx 15 seconds until you see the Nintendo Switch logo.
  2. Wait until the Recovery Mode opens.
  3. There you can see three options: Update System, Restore Factory Settings Without Deleting Saved Data, and Restore Factory Settings.
  4. You have to select Restore Factory Settings. (This process will delete all the data, games, and Nintendo accounts.)
  5. Now your Nintendo Switch Console will start resetting.

Once the process is done, set up your console and log in to your Nintendo Account. You can see that the Error Code 2002-0001 has been fixed and your Nintendo Switch console can start without any further issues.

4. Update your System Software.

If you are getting this error while playing games, make sure that your Nintendo Console’s System software is updated to its latest version.

How to update your Nintendo Switch?

  1. Go to Settings System settings> System Software.
  2. Now select the icon for the software you wish to update.
  3. Use the + or – Button on your controller, and select Software Update.
  4. Tap Via the Internet.

5. Delete the corrupted data.

However, the 2002-0001 error code can also occur during to corrupted data in your system software. You can fix this error by checking and deleting the corrupted data.

  • Open Settings System settings> Data management.
  • Select Manage Software, and then choose to Check for Corrupt data.
  • Delete the software and re-download it.
  • After downloading, Restart your device and check if the 2002-0001 error has been fixed or not.

6. Repair your Nintendo console.

Last but not the least, If nothing is working for you to fix the Error Code 2002-0001, then you will need to repair it at the nearest service center. You can book a repair for your Nintendo Switch from here.

You can also contact Nintendo support for further assistance and they will definitely help you.

So these are some recommended methods that might help you to Fix the Nintendo Switch Error Code 2002-0001. However, if you have any queries regarding this error, feel free to ask us via below comment section.

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