How to Fix Activision Friend Request Send Failed in COD

If you are also one of those who are getting the Friend Request Send Failed error in COD, I will show you how you can fix this error here.

However, this is not an error, you are just putting the wrong ID of your friends in order to play with them or maybe your Activision ID can’t be visible to you.

Activision ID contains the player’s display name followed by some hash numbers (example: player#995874.)

So follow the below steps that will help you to fix Activision Friend Request Sending Failed in Call of duty modern warfare.

How to Fix Activision Friend Request Send Failed in COD?

Modern Warfare games have their own level with their great gameplay and storyline. Playing this game with your friends as Multiplayer will never let you bore.

Recently, many players reported that they can’t send requests to their friends or they also can’t be added to the game.

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In order to connect with your friends, you will need a valid Activision ID that contains the display name followed by some hash numbers.

  • You can find your Activision ID by navigating to Settings >> Account.
  • Tap on Activision Account from the list.

There you can see your Activision ID and you can share it with your friends so they can easily add you to the game. Make sure to use capital letters and the right hash number in order to add friends.

What to do when you are the person who can’t be added:

  • Click on the Change Display Name under Activision Accounts settings.
  • Tap on New Name.
  • Enter your favorite name or you can keep the same.
  • Save the name and you can see the hash numbers will be renamed.
  • Share your New ID with your friends, and you will be added to the game.

I can’t see my Activision ID (hash number)

If you are unable to see the hash number next to your display name, then make sure to change the display name under Activision Accounts settings.

Visit and log in to your account. There you can see the Activision ID along with hash numbers and display name.

Getting any trouble with your Activision account, then read how to contact Activision Customer support.

So this was the full guide about How to Fix Activision Friend Request Send Failed in Call of duty Modern Warfare. I hope this article helps you to send or add requests to the game.

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