How to fix AMC Plus not working? Unable to play video

It’s a bit frustrating when the AMC Plus app doesn’t work properly and nor play the videos. Many players are reporting the malfunction of the app, and the AMC Plus app is not working for them.

The problem is appearing on many devices whether you are using this app on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Smart TV, Fire TV, Roku, etc. When users try to play any video on AMC Plus app, it redirects to the Home page and if any user clicks on the Resume button, it says ”error code 403 source provider”.

Fix AMC Plus not working

However, the AMP Plus generally does not work for many Apple TV users and after playing any video, it ends up with a black screen. Many users suggested that the Slides program works well, but after clicking on any movies or shows, it says “The video is playing via Airplay.”

On the other hand, the developers of the app do have not a specific and working solution for this. They guide you through some troubleshooting steps that also don’t help you.

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If you are also unable to play content and your favorite shows on the AMC Plus app, then there is no need to worry about it. Here are some workarounds and fixes that might help you to fix the Unable to play video issue on the AMC Plus app.

1. Check your Internet Connection.

Make sure your Internet connection is still active and you are connected. An unstable internet connection encounters the 403 error code on the AMC plus app. This can also lead to buffering and playback issues because such types of apps require a faster internet connection to load content properly.

If you have any doubts regarding your WiFi, then switch to any other network or you may perform a power cycle on your router.

First, Turn off your router and unplug the power cable. Wait for approx 60 seconds, then plug back the cable and turn the power button of the router.

2. Clear Data and Cache of the AMC Plus app.

Sometimes, the outdated and expired data and cache of the AMC Plus app might create bugs in the app. You should clear the data and cache in order to keep the app running without any bugs and glitches.

  • Android: Go to Settings > Installed apps > AMC Plus > clear data and cache.
  • iOS: Settings > General > Storage > AMC app > Offload app.
  • Firestick /Roku: Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > AMC app > Clear data and Clear cache.
  • AppleTV: Go to General > Manage Storage > Trash and Press the clickpad center next to the AMC app.

3. Connect Apple TV / Roku / Firestick to your Smart TV via HDMI Cable and HDMI Ports.

If you are using the Apple TV, Roku, or Firestick to stream the AMC Plus shows on your Smart TV, then make sure that you connect them using an HDMI cable, not wirelessly. Try to plug the devices into your HDMI Ports with the help of an HDMI cable.

Once done, reboot your device and check if you are eligible to stream the AMC Plus contents without any error. If the app crashes or you see a black screen, then follow the next method.

4. Disconnect Speakers or any output Media.

While reaching out to AMC supports, they suggested that you should disconnect any speakers that are connected to your Smart TV. Wireless speakers might conflict with the connection between your Apple TV / Fire TV / Roku devices.

We recommend you use HDMI cables for connecting Apple TV to your Smart TV. Moreover, you can remove other Bluetooth devices nearest to your Smart TV and place them anywhere else.

5. Update the System Software and AMC Plus.

Make sure that your OS is updated to the latest version. You can check updates for your System, and if any are available, then update it by connecting to any WiFi network. Moreover, don’t forget to update the AMC Plus app as well.

The outdated version of this app might create bugs and issues on your device which can end up with AMC Plus not working issues. You can update it by going to your device’s App Store and then installing the latest version of this app.

6. Remove, Restart, and Re-install the AMC Plus app.

This trick always works for many users, as it also removes the leftovers of the deleted apps so you can install new app files.

First of all, Delete the AMC Plus app (Highlight the app, press the Options button on your remote, then select Remove.) You can delete the app on your smartphone by pressing and holding on the app icon, then selecting Uninstall.

Once you uninstall the app, Restart your device. It is important to restart your device otherwise leftover cache of this app may create a bug again.

After restarting your device, download the latest version of the app from your App store.

7. Contact AMC Customer Support.

If nothing is working for you, then you should contact customer support at AMC Networks, and they will guide you through some troubleshooting steps that might fix your issue.

You can also create a support ticket and describe your query in detail. Anyone of the Community staff will definitely look into your query, and you can get a working solution to fix the AMC Plus not working issue.

So this is all about how to fix AMC Plus app video not playing issues and other playback errors. We hope you fix this error immediately by following the above workarounds. If you do have any queries regarding this, let us know via below comment section.