How to Fix CatMouse Not working Issue in 2023

Do you also face CatMouse Not working Issues like connection errors, no data issues, CatMous no links available, or CatMous no stream problems? These types of errors mainly appear when CatMouse can’t connect to online servers and as a result, you can’t watch any videos or movies.

CatMouse Not Working Issue

There are lots of streaming apps that provide you with a vast variety of movies, tv shows, and videos in various languages. Now you can watch your favorite tv shows or movies anytime anywhere.

People have to subscribe to their monthly or yearly membership to get access to their content. But many people can’t afford too much money to subscribe to streaming apps, so they look for free movies or tv shows streaming apps.

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CatMouse is a well-known streaming app that allows you to watch recent movies, tv shows in many languages without paying anything.

But recently, many users reported that CatMouse is Not working on their device or smartphone. Some users claimed that when they open the app, they can’t stream any link or they can’t play any video in the cat mouse app.

If you are also getting these types of errors, then follow the below steps to fix CatMouse not working issue in 2021.

How to Fix CatMouse Not Working Issue?

No data or video errors are commonly found in streaming apps. These types of errors can be almost fixed by following the below tips.

1. Update the CatMouse app.

It is recommended that you should first update the app. You can update this app from the play store or app store. Installing a fresh version of this app might fix all the bugs and you can watch your favorite tv shows or movies without any errors.

2. Check your Internet connection.

Make sure that your internet connection is still active and working properly. Please connect to the WiFi network and open the CatMouse app or if you are already using WiFi, then connect to your Mobile data and check if the problem is solved.

3. Fix CatMouse Not working Issue on Android.

If you are using the CatMouse app on an android phone and getting errors while opening the app, then there are chances that saved data and cache is creating the bugs. You can clear all the data and cache on your smartphone by navigating to Settings > Apps > CatMouse > clear all the data and cache.

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4. Fix CatMouse No Video Issue.

While opening the app, when any video doesn’t appear on the screen or doesn’t play then you can fix this error by changing some settings in the app.

  • Open the CatMouse app.
  • Go to settings >> Providers and Resolvers.
  • Enable TV shows providers and movie providers.
  • Clear all the cache and data from the top of the settings.
  • Restart the app and then you can see all the videos and movies.

5. Connect to VPN.

If any method didn’t work for you, then you should use a VPN network. Many contents are restricted in some areas due to privacy reasons so you should connect to any trusted VPN network.

Conclusion: Fix CatMouse Not Working

So these are some easy methods to Fix CatMouse Not working Issue. Here I have mentioned all the errors and their possible solutions that might help you to fix these kinds of errors.

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