How to fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-4508?

Nintendo Switch is one of the best gaming consoles and the company has released many famous games like Pokemon, Animals Crossing, etc. As we know every device comes with some errors and Nintendo Switch users are facing Error Code 2124-4508.

Basically, This error warns that your Nintendo Switch Console has been banned by Nintendo and you can’t play the game online. When players open their Nintendo Switch, they see an error appearing on their screen “The use of online services on this console is currently restricted by Nintendo.”

The Nintendo Switch Error Codes 2124-4007 Or 2124-4508 block you from using the online services of Nintendo, and you can’t play any game. So the first question that comes to our mind is why Nintendo blocked my switch console. Here you will know all the details regarding this issue and how to fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-4508.

Reasons for Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-4508 or 2124-4007 and Ban:

Error Code 2124-4508 doesn’t let you access online services of Nintendo switch such as eShop and others. If you will try to do so, you will get the error 2124-4508. The reasons for this error code and ban are quite simple.

This error occurs on your Nintendo Switch screen because you have violated the game and developers’ policy. Maybe you have violated the Nintendo Code of Conduct, and as a result, your account has been banned.

Main reasons for Nintendo Switch Console Ban:

  • Playing Pirated Games: Nintendo doesn’t allow their users to download and play Pirated and illegal games, using the certificate verification method. If you will try to do so, your Nintendo Switch will be banned permanently.
  • Making Unauthorised transactions: Don’t try to make transactions using fraud and stolen Credit Cards, if you will do so, your account will be banned permanently.
  • Violating Nintendo Code of Conduct: If a user violates the Nintendo user’s agreement and policy, their account can be banned temporarily or permanently.

How to fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-4508?

Well, there is not any specific solution for this issue. You can’t use online services onwards and this can be fixed by developers only. You have to wait for 24 hours, many players reported that the ban was removed automatically after 24 hours.

If it doesn’t happen as planned and you are seeing Nintendo Switch Error Codes 2124-4007 Or 2124-4508 on your screen then maybe you are banned permanently.

You can contact Nintendo customer support from here, and ask them about your problem. Due to Covid-19, you will have to wait as they are working from home.

You can contact them via Text message, chat, phone calls, or help tickets. Tell them your problem and they will ensure you “Why your Nintendo switch is banned.” I hope you will be satisfied with their answer and don’t violate the Nintendo Code of Conduct in the future again.

So this was the full details of fixing Nintendo Switch Console Ban Fix, and how to fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-4508 or 2124-4007? I hope this article helped you, and you can also help us by sharing this article.

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