How to Fix PES 2021 0xc00007b Error Code?

If you are also getting the 0xc00007b Error error on your PC screen while opening the PES 2021, then here is a 100% working solution. Moreover, if you are facing 0xc00007b Error in any other game, so you can try this method too. With the help of this article, you can fix 0xc00007b Error from any game, software, etc on your PC.

What is PES 2021 0xc00007b Error Code?

eFootball PES 2021 is a football simulation game available for many platforms like android, ios, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5. Recently, 0xc00007b Error Code started appearing for Windows users. 0xc00007b Error occurs for two reasons:

  • Your PC has low-end graphics or Directx and Visuals C++ is not installed properly or missing.
  • .dll files are missing from the PES 2021 game folder.

Here, I will fix both problems, and you can play your Game peacefully without getting any errors. However, this error appears on opening the game for the first time. When you launch any game, It says “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b). Click Ok to close the application.”

How to Fix PES 2021 0xc00007b Error Code?

It is recommended that you should first launch the game as Administrator. Right-click on the game icon and tap on “Run as Administrator”. If the error is appearing then restart your PC and again run the program as administrator.

1. Install the all-in-one tool to fix the 0xc00007b Error from PES 2021 game?

If this not fixes the 0xc00007b Error, then download and install all required files like DirectX, Activision, Visual C++, etc.

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Note: I am not the developer of this tool, I found this tool online and it is fully working. We will not be responsible for any cause and damage. However, I installed it on my PC and it is totally virus-free and easy to use. It is a one-click install tool where all the software will be installed automatically one by one, and you can see the progress.

Follow the below steps to install this tool on your PC:

  1. First of all, Download the file from the below-given link (Note:- File size is 358.9 MB)
  2. After downloading, Extract the application and open the svcpack folder.
  3. Now run aioruntimes application and check all the boxes.
  4. After installing, restart your PC.

Download link –

After restarting your PC, launch the game and you will see that PES 2021 0xc00007b Error is fixed.

2. Download PES 2021 DLL files:

This 0xc00007b Error on PES 2021 might appear because dll files of the game are not working properly. So download and extract the dll files to the PES 2021 game folder.

  • Download the PES 2021 DLL files from here.
  • Extract the folder and copy all DLL files.
  • Paste it to the PES 2021 game folder.
  • Click on replace all when prompted.
  • Refresh and restart your PC.

Now launch the game and you will see that your PES 2021 game is working fine. So these are some recommended methods that might help you to Fix the PES 2021 0xc00007b Error. If nothing is working for you then delete and re-install the game or you can contact customer support of this game, they might help you.

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