How to Fix PES 2021 C_ETRH_1002 Error Code

Many PES players are facing PES 2021 C_ETRH_1002 Error while opening the game. This error is stopping players from login into the game. Mainly, this error is appearing on the mobile version of the game. If you want to fix this error, here is how to fix PES 2021 C_ETRH_1002 Error.

What is PES 2021 C_ETRH_1002 Error Code?

eFootball PES 2021 is a football simulation game available for many platforms like android, ios, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5. As you know, the developers of this game always release updates to fix patches and errors. But these updates also cause some errors for players.

Recently, many players started facing C_ETRH_1002 Errors in their football game PES 2021. Players said that when they try to open the game, it says “This action could not be completed due to an error code – C_ETRH_1002”.

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So today I am going to tell you how you can easily fix this C_ETRH_1002 Error. Just follow the steps carefully to remove this error from your phone.

How to Fix C_ETRH_1002 Error Code?

As you know that this game can only be played on a WiFi connection only. So first connect your phone to an active WiFi connection and play the game.

1. Perform a Power cycle:

This error can occur because of a poor internet connection, make sure that your WiFi is working properly. You can perform a power cycle of your WI-Fi router or modem.

  • First, turn off your router and unplug the power cable. Wait for approx 60 seconds, then plug back the cable and turn the power button of the router.
  • Forget the WiFi network from your mobile and re-connect again.

This might fix this issue, if it doesn’t, follow the second step.

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2. Clear the cache and data of PES 2021:

Many players fix the C_ETRH_1002 Error by deleting the cache and data of the mobile game. Follow the below steps to remove the cache and data of the PES 2021 game.

  • Open Settings of your phone and go to “Apps“.
  • Now tap on “Installed apps” where all your apps are installed on your phone.
  • Then look for the PES 2021 game and click on that.
  • Now Tap on Internal Storage and then clear data and cache.
  • Restart your Phone and connect to the WiFi.

That’s it!! This error will be disappeared from your phone and you can enjoy playing the PES game on your mobile phone. If nothing works, then delete and reinstall the game. This is the last option to fix this error.

So these are some recommended methods that might help you to Fix the PES 2021 C_ETRH_1002 Error. If nothing is working for you then you should contact the customer support of this game, they might help you.

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