Fix PGSharp Crash Error in 100IV Feed (Pokémon Go has stopped)

PGSharp is a Pokémon GO MOD that allows trainers to spoof their location and catch the Pokemon around the world while just sitting on the couch. But many PGSharp users are experiencing a PGSharp crash error when they click the 100IV Feed.

Playing Pokémon Go is getting easy day by day with the help of MODS like PGSharp. It allows Pokemon players to Spoof location, Teleport, Autowalk, Enhanced Throw, 100IV Feed, etc.

PGSharp 100IV Feed Crash Error

There is no doubt that PGSharp has almost all the features that allow users to easily catch digital creatures. 100IV feed scans the local area and identifies the real locations of Pokemon.


But recently when any users try to click the 100IV in the Feed option, the PGSharp app crashes and a pop-up appears on the screen saying “Pokémon Go has stopped.” It recommends you open the app again but after trying multiple times, the PGSharp app crashes again and again.

Now we all are aware of this error, but do you know what’s is the reason for the PGSharp Crash Error in the 100IV Feed? The error is occurring after the players have updated their PGSharp apk to version 1.29.0. So there is no doubt that this version is encountering the PGSharp 100IV Feed Crash Error.

However, this error has been identified by the developers and a new version has been released. So it is recommended that you should update your PGSharp apk to its latest version.

How to Fix PGSharp Crash Error in 100IV Feed?

  1. First of all, Visit on your mobile browser.
  2. Now click the Download button.
  3. The latest version of PGSharp apk will be downloaded shortly on your android phone.
  4. Now install the latest PGSharp apk.
  5. Open the app and then click the 100IV in the Feed option.
  6. That’s it!! The app will work smoothly without any further errors.

So this is all we know about How to Fix the PGSharp 100IV Feed not working. If the above method doesn’t help you, then try to clear the data and cache of the PGSharp app on your android phone.

Moreover, you can use any trusted VPN Network to get rid of Pokémon Go has stopped warning.

Do you want to use all the premium features of PGSharp for free? You can get the latest PGSharp Standard Edition License key from here.

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