How to Fix Unreal Engine (UE4) Crash Error in Expeditions Rome

Expeditions: Rome is a historical role-playing game available for Microsoft Windows and Steam. You can play this game on Steam but lots of players are facing Unreal Engine (UE4) Crash Error in Expeditions Rome. When users try to launch the game from their Steam library, it starts crashing and wouldn’t launch.

Expeditions Rome: Unreal Engine Crashes

Expeditions Rome runs on Unreal Engine 4 which is used to create hyper-realistic environments. It helps developers to provide better Virtual Reality Experiences. Unreal Engine can create complex cinematics, 3D cities, and it allows game developers to deliver a story with more clarity and cinematic view.

Being an Unreal Engine product, it is necessary to load all the layouts and tools in order to run the game. But few players are expecting Unreal Engine 4 Crash Error when they launch the game.

Expeditions Rome

However, this error can occur due to corrupted data in-game and graphics cards. Now without wasting more time, let’s see how you can fix the UE4 error in Expeditions Rome.

How to Fix Unreal Engine (UE4) Crash Error in Expeditions Rome?

1. Restart Windows 10 or 11.

If you are getting this error, then you should first close Steam and Restart your Windows device. A fresh restart might fix the bugs and errors in your game file and graphics card. After restarting the system, if the game is still crashing, then follow the second step.

2. Launch the Game with DirectX11

There are chances that your Graphics card is facing any issues and in meantime, you can launch Expeditions Rome with DrectX11. DrectX11 will smoothly run the game and it wouldn’t crash anymore.

You can do this by following below steps:

  • First and foremost,  Launch Steam and look for Expeditions Rome in your game library.
  • Now right-click on Expeditions Rome and click on Properties.
  • Under the General tab, there you can see a box under Launch options.
  • Type -dx11 in the box and close the tab.
  • Restart Steam and launch the game.

3. Disable Full-screen Optimization.

  • Right-click on the Expeditions Rome icon from the desktop.
  • Select Properties.
  • Switch the tab labeled Compatibility.
  • Check both options labeled as Disable fullscreen optimizations and Run this program as an Administrator.
  • Restart your PC.

Now launch the game and you can see that the UE4 error will not appear anymore in Expeditions Rome.

4. Verify the integrity of game files.

You must try to verify the Expeditions Rome game files on Steam. Maybe the game file is corrupted and as a result, you are getting this error. So make sure to verify the integrity of game files.

  • Look for the Expeditions Rome game in your Steam Library.
  • Right-click on it and choose Properties.
  • In General, Untick the enable steam overlay option.
  • Go to the Local Files tab.
  • Select Verify the Integrity of game files.
  • Wait until the game files are verified.
  • If the files are corrupted, Delete and Re-install the game.

5. Update your Graphics card drivers.

You should always keep updating your Graphics card drivers to their latest version. You can update it by navigating to your graphics card manufacturer’s website and downloading the most recent version of drivers for your graphics card.

Moreover, you can follow the below steps to fix some bugs in your Graphics card.

  1. Press Windows + R button and type “Regedit”.
  2. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > CurrentControllerSet > Control > Graphics Driver.
  3. Under graphics drivers, tap on TdrWatch.
  4. Set the value of TDR Recovery as 1 and press OK.

6. Disable Onboard Graphics.

  • Right-Click on the  (Window icon) of your PC.
  • Select “Device Manager” from the list.
  • Click on “Display adapters
  • There you can see the integrated graphics (your graphics card name.)
  • Right-click on it and Disable it.
  • Now Restart your PC and run Expeditions Rome.

So this is all you can do to fix Unreal Engine (UE4) Crash Error in Expeditions Rome. The above steps will definitely troubleshoot the Expeditions Rome crash errors and you can play your game without any further issues.

If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to ask us via below comment section.

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