How to Get Free Gems and Coins in Clash Royale?

Looking for ways to fill your account with Free Gems and Coins in the Clash Royale game, and don’t wanna waste money on it? Here, I have shared some tips that will help you to get Free Gems and Coins in Clash Royale!

Look nothing is free in this world, we can only save our money by looking for discounts, using some tricks, and by following tips. So what are you waiting for, check “How to Get Free Gems and Coins in Clash Royale“.

How to Get Free Gems and Coins in Clash Royale?

Every game needs money – in fact, it is often said that the major fault of video game funding is that it is predominantly ‘vanity’ crowdfunding. How the Game developers will pay their employees if they can’t earn from the game?

Usually, we get many things for free to create bonds with the game, but when our Gems and coins get spared on buying pieces of stuff and decoration, then we look for ways to increase coins and gems in the clash royale game.

Many players use hacks and some apps to increase gems and coins, but it isn’t easy at all. You have to verify yourself by completing some surveys. These surveys prompt you to buy their services, you have to spend time on their website, etc. But everything goes in vain.

In the need for Gems and Coins in Clash Royale, many players use some hacks and mod apk like clash royale’s free gems generator, which increases Gems and Coins, and many other things. But wait, is this safe? Not, they get access to your mobile phone and can see your personal files, contacts, data, etc as you give permission to them.

So, What is the safe way to get gems and coins in the Clash Royale game? Here I have shared some tips that will help you to get gems and coins at some discounts and sometimes for free as a reward.

1. Open Chests and Quests regularly to get free gems and coins.

If you want to fill your Clash Royal account with gems, then you should regularly open crown chests and free chests. Free chests contain 3-5 gems, and the bigger one contains more.

You have seen that many Quests contain gems when you complete the quest. Many quests give you 30-50 gems after completion.

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2. Get some discounts on in-shop offers.

When we shop for anything on the Internet, but can’t complete the payment due to money shortage, then you have probably seen that you start getting discounts and offers for that product.

It also applies to Clash Royale too. Always look for discounts in the shop. If you are not getting any discount then start a purchase, fill in all the details but don’t pay, and cancel the transaction.

The next day you will get starting discounts, and you can purchase them and save your money too.

3. Don’t Spend gems on opening chests.

It has been seen that many players always use gems to buy gold. It costs 60 gems to unlock 1000 golds, and they keep spending games to open chests. Always focus on your gameplay, you can earn more by defeating players in the gameplay.

If you unlock 2 crown chests, then you can get 1400 gems easily, so don’t spend your gems to open chests, it will never be worth it.

4. Give cards to your clan member to get free Gems and Coins in the Clash Royale game.

This option is more valuable where you get free gems and gold in the Clash Royale game by giving cards to your clan members.

I hope these tips might help you to get free gems and coins. Always focus on your gameplay, attack in pairs, and don’t underestimate your enemy because powerful cards can be destroyed by the right counter cards.

5. Use Clash Royale Redeem Codes

You can get a lot of diamonds, gems, and chests by using Clash Royale redeem codes. Moreover, if you want to support your Clash Royale Content creator, then you can use the Clash Royale Creator Codes to support them.

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