Halo Infinite: How to Change Party Privacy Settings

Do you want to change the Privacy Settings on the Halo Infinite game? In this guide, I will tell you how you can easily change the privacy settings of the Fireteam option. So read this article carefully and know all the details regarding hosting a party in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite – Multiplayer Mode

Halo Infinite is the best First-shooter sci-fi game developed by almost 343 Industrie and published by Xbox Game studios. This game is the latest game of the “Halo” franchise and can be played on Xbox and PC.

This game has 4K beautiful graphics, and an amazing experience of sci-fi gameplay with lots of advanced guns. Like other combat and survival games, Halo also rewards its players according to their performance.\

Halo Infinite has more than 7 modes that can be played by many players. You have to host a party that is called Fireteam in this game. This game allows players to play 7 types of Multiplayer modes which have more entertaining tasks and missions.

You have to just invite your friends and start the matchmaking together, and the fun begins!

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But many players are unable to Invite their friends due to the Fireteam privacy settings. If you are also one of those who want to change the Party Privacy settings in the Halo Infinite game, then follow the below steps.

How to Change Fireteam Party Privacy Settings in Halo Infinite?

  • Firstly, Open the Halo Infinite game on your Xbox console or PC.
  • To change the privacy settings, click on the TAB option that you can see in the right-bottom corner of your screen.
  • There a social page will appear with Fireteam privacy details.
  • Now click on the In-menus option and the Fireteam option page will appear.
  • Choose an option from the menu like Friends, Invite only or make it open for everyone.


If you are worried about choosing the options from the Fireteam options, make sure to read what does three options mean.

  • Friends: Those friends who are connected to your social and Xbox account can only matchmake together.
  • Invite: You can simply invite anyone to the party by typing their ID number and can play together.
  • Open: Anyone who has the team code can easily enter the Party and everyone can play all the modes together.

How to Invite Friends in Halo Infinite.

If you are also struggling to invite friends to your Halo Infinite gameplay, then follow the below steps.

  • Open the social tab option on the Halo Infinite game.
  • There you can see all the Xbox and social account friends, along with your recently played lists.
  • You can invite anyone to your Fireteam from there by just hitting the Invite button from their profile.
  • Or you can join their Fireteam if their privacy settings allow it.

You can enjoy all the awesome 7 multiplayer modes of Halo Infinite with your friends. You have to just invite them to your Fireteam or join them.

If you are unable to invite friends because of the privacy settings. This article guides you on How to Change Party Privacy Settings in Halo Infinite game.

I hope you can matchmake with your friends. Hit the share button if this article helped you and stay tuned for the latest updates regarding Halo Infinite game.

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