How to Disable Instagram Notes on Mobile & PC?

Notes‘ is a new update from Instagram that allows users to create a 60-character long note for their followers. But many Insta users are frustrated with this feature and looking for a way to disable Instagram notes on their android, iOS, PC, and Laptop devices.

If you have also got the Instagram Notes featured on your account then you must be frustrated with the shitty notes of accounts you follow back.

Notes stick to the top of the Inbox and they will disappear only after 24 hours of creation. But it is too much and you must be wandering for working ways to turn off the notes feature on Instagram.

How to Disable Instagram Notes?

You are not the only one who is frustrated because of Notes on your Instagram account.

There are lots of users who are roasting this feature on Twitter and you should take a look at their posts.

You can see that people are not happy to have the Notes feature on their accounts. Many people are wondering if there must be any way to turn off these Instagram notes.

But sadly, there is no way to disable and enable the Instagram Notes feature.

Instagram is currently testing this feature and if they get negative feedback, they wouldn’t release it. However, if they manage to release the ‘Notes’ feature for all users, they will also give the option to disable it.

For now, you will have to read the funny notes of your friends because there is no any way to disable the Instagram Notes feature.

As this feature is limited for some users and some Insta users who have updated the app are seeing the Notes in the message tab.

Moreover, you can download any older version of the Instagram app before June 2022 in which the Notes feature is not listed. Once, you will install the older version, the Notes feature will disappear from your account. Do not update the app otherwise, you’ll again see the Instagram Notes feature on your account.

So it is better to wait until Instagram provides a feature to disable Instagram Notes on Mobile & PC. You can save this page and we will notify you as soon as possible.

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