iTop Screen Recorder Pro Free License Key for 365 Days (2023)

iTop Screen Recorder is a user-friendly software for screen recording. The software includes a video editor for effortless recording and editing.

Looking for a high-quality screen recorder? Try iTop Screen Recorder for video conferences, webinars, lectures, presentations, video games, 4K films, and more. screen recording needs! With its impressive features, you can begin creating fantastic videos immediately.

While recording, you have the ability and hide your desktop icons. The Screen Recorder software is a dependable tool for recording desktop activities on a Windows computer. It offers various output formats, allowing you to capture high-quality footage, and includes additional features to explore.

What is iTop Screen Recorder?

You can use this tool to capture important moments in your daily life and enhance recorded videos. If you’re looking for a device to capture video conferences, webinars, or lectures, this is the ideal choice.

This software enables you to generate tutorials, record gameplay, capture video calls and meetings, and much more. You have the option to select from various recording modes like full screen, window, or region, and tailor settings for recording resolution, frame rate, and audio preferences based on your individual needs.

The latest version improves game recording performance with advanced GPU rendering and encoding technology.

iTop Screen Recorder Pro Features:

  • Easily Capture Your Screen: Record high-quality 4K videos of your entire screen, specific window, or selected area.
  • Highlight Mouse Clicks: To highlight your mouse clicks, simply select the cursor and include click animations. Great for recording various types of content.
  • Recording streaming videos and movies: With iTop Screen Recorder Pro, you can effortlessly record streaming videos and movies. This feature is great for those who wish to watch their preferred content without an internet connection.
  • Creating screencasts for educational purposes: iTop Screen Recorder Pro can be used to create screencasts for educational purposes. Teachers and students can create screencasts using it.
  • Making presentations more engaging: iTop Screen Recorder Pro is a fantastic tool that can make your presentations more engaging. Using this software, you can create video clips of yourself demonstrating a concept or explaining a process with ease.  You can seamlessly add these clips to your presentations for visual appeal and informative content.
  • Documenting software bugs and glitches: iTop Screen Recorder Pro can also be used for documenting software bugs and glitches, making it useful for debugging code.
  • Personalize with Watermarks: Prevent unauthorized copying by adding custom watermarks with characters, fonts, colors, and sizes of your choice.

Free iTop Screen Recorder Pro Licence key 365 Days ( 2023)

  • #Key 1: 7E65F-A67D4-6B322-BD9B4
  • #Key 2: 216F2-BD4E5-9EE93-E8CB4
  • #Key 3: 34496-2E614-9E1CB-2ABB4
  • #Key 4: E6944-C22EA-A5319-CBE43 (This code works with V3.2)
  • #Key 5: 656ED-A6796-A49AE-9B644
  • #Key 6: DA68C-CABB1-F5123-13943
  • #Key 7: C2BA6-6DEEA-FBB54-D5A43
  • #Key 8: A8721-F44C4-BE539-3D144 (Valid till September 5, 2024)
  • #Key 9: D6549-D1973-DFFC9-BAC44 (Valid till February 6, 2024)

iTop Screen Recorder Pro Free Activation Keys (2023)

  • 2VZ6Z-2XKTT-8Y27U-3TLXW

    Note: Users post these license keys found on the Internet. If a key doesn’t work, we’ll update with fresh ones promptly.

    How is iTop Screen Recorder Pro activated?

    Once you have a  follow these steps to activate  Screen Recorder Pro:

    • To get started, you can download the setup file from the official website.
    • Get the installer and install your PC.
    • Open the software and select the License option from the Options menu (three horizontal lines).
    • Copy and paste one of the iTop Screen Recorder license keys into the designated box.
    • You’re ready to go! Simply click on the “Activate” button to unlock the premium features without any Cost.



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