How to Fix (0x803F8001) Minecraft Launcher is not available in your account?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that is played by millions of users over different types of platforms. Microsoft launched the Minecraft Launcher for Windows users to make the gameplay easier. But recently, many users are getting 0x803F8001 Errors while launching the Minecraft game from the launcher. An error appears on the screen saying “Minecraft Launcher is currently not available in your account. Make sure you are signed in to the Store and try again. Here’s the error code, in case you need it: 0x803F8001′

A lot of Minecraft players are getting this error and they are unable to play the game. There is not any specific cause of this Minecraft 0x803F8001 error as it can be caused outdated version of Launcher, Minecraft saved data, Corrupted Java files, etc.

If you are also getting this error, then don’t worry. Here, I will show you how you can deal with Minecraft 0x803F8001 error.

How to Fix (0x803F8001) Minecraft Launcher is currently not available in your account.

Minecraft Tlauncher error

Before moving to the solutions, make sure that your PC or Xbox is capable to run other games. Try to play other games on the Xbox app and check if they are running without any errors. If you are getting a 0x803F8001 error while launching all games from your Microsoft Store, then the problem lies within your Xbox services or subscription.

If you are able to play other games on your PC without any error, then follow the below methods to fix the Minecraft Launcher 0x803F8001 error.

1. Update the Microsoft Store App.

This error says that it is unable to find the Minecraft Launcher in your Microsoft account. So, our first priority will be to fix the Microsoft Store app errors. So make sure your Microsft Store app is updated to its latest version. If not, then update it via an active internet connection and Restart your PC.

2. Update the Game Services.

It is recommended that you should update all the game services in the Microsoft store to fix such types of errors. An outdated version of gaming services can misbehave with Xbox and Microsft services and as a result, users can expect Minecraft Launcher 0x803F8001 error on their screen.

To update the Game Services:

  1. Open Microsoft Store App on your PC.
  2. Click the Library option from the left-hand menu.
  3. There you can see lists of game services that need an update.
  4. Update them all and you can update game services on your Xbox console to fix these errors.

After updating the game services, Launch the Minecraft Launcher and check if the issue is fixed.

3. Repair the Microsoft Store and Xbox App.

If the 0x803F8001 error is still pursuing on your screen then you must force stop/ terminate and repair the Microsoft Store and Xbox App.

You can easily repair the Microsoft Store and Xbox App by following the below steps.

  • Open the Settings of your PC.
  • Click on the Apps from the left menu.

Windows app settings

  • Now Tap on Installed Apps.
  • Look for the Microsoft Store app, click the three-dots option, and tap on Advanced Options.
  • Scroll down below and click the Terminate button.

terminate and repair windows apps

  • Hit the Repair button under the Reset option.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to repair the Microsoft Store. Repeat this same process with the Xbox app to terminate and repair it.

After repairing the Microsoft Store and Xbox App, Restart your PC and launch the Minecraft game. You can see that the 0x803F8001 error is fixed and you can play your game without any further issues.

4. Reset the Microsoft Store.

However, if users are still seeing this error while launching the Minecraft Launcher, then they should try to reset the Microsoft Store once. Basically, all the apps and data stored in Microsoft Store will be deleted and when you Sign in again, you can get fresh copies of them.

You can reset Microsft Store by navigating to the Installed Apps section from your PC settings. Or type WSReset in the search box. Then click on the WSReset command and a black pop-up window will appear on your screen. Do not close that window and Microsft Store will be reset shortly.

5. Re-install the Minecraft game.

Deleting Minecraft from your PC can be hard for you because it contains all your saved campaigns and other data. But you should try at once this method to fix “Minecraft Launcher is currently not available in your account” from your PC.

Maybe the saved files and other data of Minecraft are corrupted and only uninstalling the game can fix the 0x803F8001 error.

Follow the below steps to Uninstall the Minecraft game from your Windows PC:

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps > Installed Apps.
  • Look for Minecraft and click the three-dots option, and tap on Advanced Options.
  • Scroll down below and click the Uninstall button.

Once you delete the Minecraft Game from your PC, Restart your Windows. Now download the latest version of the Minecraft game from their official website.

6. Disable your Antivirus.

Before installing Minecraft on your PC, Make sure to disable your Anti-virus and Windows Defender as they may block some important game files of Minecraft game.

  • You can disable Windows Defender by turning off real-time protection.

    • Type “Windows Security” in the Cortana search box.

    • Open “Windows Security” >> “Virus & Threat protection” >> “Manage settings

    • Disable “Real-time protection

  • You can temporarily disable other Antivirus tools on your PC by navigating to their protection settings.

Now Install the Minecraft game on your Windows PC and this time you can easily play it without any error.

7. Contact Microsoft and Xbox Customer Support.

Last but not least, if nothing is working for you to fix the Minecraft 0x803F8001 error, then you should Microsoft and Xbox Customer Support. Describe your issue to them, maybe they have a solution for you.

So this was all we know about How to Fix (0x803F8001) Minecraft Launcher is currently not available in your account.

By following the above steps, you can deal with the Minecraft Launcher 0x803F8001 error from your Windows PC and you can play your game without any errors.

I hope you can get rid of this error on your PC. We would like to hear your thoughts on this topic from below comment section.

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