How to Fix Mobdro not working on Android and Firestick in 2023?

Many people are seeing the black screen and no content issue on the Mobdro app, this article will guide you on how you can fix Mobdro not working on Android and Firestick in 2023.

Mobdro Not working

Streaming apps have become more beneficial for android and TV users where anyone can watch the latest movies, tv shows, videos, live sports, and much more. Mobdro is also one of the best free IPTV applications available on the internet.

Free streaming apps like Mobdro are not much worth it due to the lack of updates, developer works, instant buffering, lags, playback errors, etc.

Many streaming apps provide you with the best variety of movies, tv shows, and videos in various languages where you can watch your favorite tv shows or movies anytime anywhere.

But they don’t do it for free. You have to subscribe to their monthly or yearly membership to get access to their full content. But, many people can’t afford such an amount to pay for it, so they look for free Streaming apps.

Mobdro has everything that can easily fulfill a user’s demand with more than thousands of movies available in various languages, daily updated TV shows, videos, Live Sports, and much more.

However, Mobdro is free for everyone and the developers of this streaming app don’t pay more attention to the bugs of this app.

We got huge queries about Mobdro not working on Android and Firestick. Some users reported that when they open the app, they see a black screen and can’t open any link or video in the Mobdro app.

Now I will show you some working recommended methods to fix Mobdro not working on Android and Firestick in 2021.

Fix Mobdro not working on Android

If the Mobdro app is not working properly on your android device, here are some valuable tips to fix the errors.

1. Update the Mobdro app.

Make sure that you have installed the latest version of the Mobdro app. However, this app is not available on the Play store so you can download a fresh update from its official website. Installing a fresh version of this app might fix all the bugs and you can watch your favorite tv shows or movies without any errors.

2. Clear the cache of the Mobdro app.

There are chances that saved data and the cache is creating the bugs, and you can fix them by clearing the data and cache of the Mobdro app. You can clear all the data and cache on your smartphone by navigating to Settings > Apps > Mobdro > clear all the data and cache.

That’s it!! Now restart your mobile phone and open the Mobdro app. You can see all the content and TV shows on your screen.

3. Check your internet connection.

You need an active internet connection in order to connect with the Mobdro app live shows. So it is necessary to have a fast and working internet connection. Please connect to the WiFi network and open the Mobdro app or if you are already using WiFi, then connect to your Mobile data and check if the problem is solved.

4. Connect to any trusted VPN.

Many people fixed Mobdro not working on android phone issues by connecting to trusted VPN networks. You should also use a VPN network because many contents are restricted in some areas due to privacy reasons.

Fix Mobdro not working on Firestick

There is not any actual solution for firestick, but many people solved the Mobdro issue by re-installing the app. The saved data on firestick may cause these types of errors, a fresh installation might solve Mobdro not working issue.

  1. First of all, Download the latest version of the Mobdro app from any trusted source.
  2. Now navigate to your TV’s home screen with the help of the remote control.
  3. Click on the apps tray and tap on File manager.
  4. Now look for the folder where you have downloaded the Mobdro app.
  5. Click on the app and the installation process will start soon.
  6. After installing the app, turn off your TV.
  7. Wait for approx 5 minutes, and turn on your TV.
  8. Now launch the Mobdro app and watch all the content.
  9. Make sure you are connected to any WiFi network.

Conclusion: Fix Mobdro not working

So these are some easy methods to Fix Mobdro not working on Android and Firestick. Here I have mentioned all the errors and their possible solutions that might help you to fix these kinds of errors.

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