How to Get Mystery Items in Rocket League Sideswipe?

Mystery Items in the Rocket League Sideswipe mobile game are just like airdrops. It appears daily after 12 hours and you can get exciting rewards and items. If you also want to know how to get Mystery Items in the Rocket League Sideswipe mobile game, then read this article carefully.

What are Mystery Items in Rocket League Sideswipe?

The mobile version of Rocket League has become the top priority of the soccer phenomenon game lovers. Rocket League Sideswipe mobile game is attracting many players with its beautiful graphics, gameplay, audio effects, and other features.

Psyonix (the developers of this game) are adding many best features to the game and one of them is Mystery Items.

Mystery items are daily drops that appear in the Rocket League Sideswipe shop. It contains several types of items such as wheels, parts, energy, booster, etc.

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The best thing about Mystery Items are they can be unlocked after every 12 hours. You don’t need to spend SP coins as they are free to unlock. So you can save your SP credits and get free items from Mystery boxes.

However, the game lets you reduce the time of Mystery Boxes by spending some SP coins. Now without wasting your time, let’s see how you can easily claim Mystery boxes in Rocket League Sideswipe game.

How to Claim Mystery Items?

If you are willing to claim Mystery boxes then the official version of the Rocket League Sideswipe game should be installed on your Android and iOS device. After installing the game, make sure to log in to the game.

  • First of all, Open the Rocket League Sideswipe game.
  • Navigate to the Item Shop option.
  • Now click on the Mystery Item on the game screen.
  • Tap on the Claim button.
  • Once you open the Mystery Box, there you can see many items and all of them will be added to your account.

You can use these items to customize your car. If you want to sell unwanted items from your Rocket League Sideswipe garage, then you can use the Salvage tool.

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Moreover, If you don’t like waiting and want to open Mystery boxes instantly. Rocket League Sideswipe allows users to open Mystery boxes by paying some SP coins.

Here’s the price list of mystery boxes:

  • 1st Mystery Item – Free
  • 2nd Mystery Item –  100 SP
  • 3rd Mystery Item – 200 SP
  • 4th Mystery Item – 400 SP
  • 5th Mystery Item and up – 500 SP

You can follow the above steps to unlock Mystery Boxes instantly by paying some SP coins. I hope now you can get Mystery Items in the Rocket League Sideswipe mobile game.

If you have any queries related to this, feel free to ask us via below comment section. Visit here for more Rocket League Sideswipe news and guides.

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