How to Open File Manager Without Password on Android

Many people prefer to lock their File Manager and Gallery, so others can’t see their photos and files. But sometimes we forgot the password of the file manager and can’t access the files. In this article, I will show you how to open File Manager without a password and see all files and images.

Now you can easily open the File Manager and Gallery of your favorite ones without any password and they will not know about your activity. You don’t have to reset the password, here I will tell you a simple trick to access File Manager without a Password or pattern on Android.

How to Open File Manager Without Password on Android?

Note: You’ll need access to the phone and unlock it. You can’t do this trick without unlocking the phone. If you don’t know the password of the phone, then there is no way to access the File Manager.

Once you unlock the phone, you’re ready to go. Follow the below steps to open File Manager and Gallery without a Password on Android.

1) First of all, Open Chrome or any other browser on your Mobile Phone.

2) In the search bar, type file:///sdcard/ and tap the arrow button on your keyboard to open the URL.

How to access file manager without password or pattern

3) Soon you will see all the folders of your File manager.

file manager access without password

4) Select any folder, and watch images, videos, and audio without any password.

You can look into any folder, file, gallery, image, etc. There is no need to type any password or anything else to access files.

So this is all about how you can open File Manager and Gallery without a Password on Android in 2022. Please note that this article is only for educational purposes and those who have forgotten the password of their File Vault may refer to this article.

I hope you like this article, and If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to ask us via below comment section.

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