FS22: How to Pick Up and Sell Bales in Farming Simulator 22

If you are a frequent player of FS22, then you can see many pieces of Bales lying around your farm and you have to move them aside with bale loaders. But many people don’t know how to do this. Here, I will show you how to pick up and sell bales in Farming Simulator 22.

Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 is a newly launched farming simulator game developed and published by GIANTS Software. This game lets you perform farming, animal husbandry with lots of tractors, machines, cultivation weapons, 3D locations, and etc.

You can create your own farming business by planting crops, keeping animals, and growing flowers and vegetables. Farming Simulator 22 is a real game in which you can see modern and advanced machines which can help you to do any farming work.

While playing FS22, you will get to see many pieces of Bales lying around your farm and you will have to move them to any particular location. However, you can sell them at a good price. Many people move these bales one by one with the help of bale loaders, but many don’t know.

How to Pick Up and Sell Bales in Farming Simulator 22

If you also don’t know how to pick up bales in FS22, then follow the below steps.


Note: In order to move the bales from your farm, you will need a special machine (Bale loader) to pick these up. However, you can purchase them, but it is recommended that you should hire these machines as it will cost much lesser amount than purchasing one.

1) Open the FS22 game on your PS4, Xbox, or any other console.

2) Now open the game menu with the help of the appropriate button from your controller.

3) Navigate to the Tools section where you can buy various tools for your tractor.

4) Look for the Bale loaders and click on that.

5) Purchase or Hire any Bale loader according to your need.

6) Now go to your farm and attach the bale loader to your tractor.

7) That’s it!! You are all set to pick up bales with the help of bale loaders.

However, you will have to learn the basic mechanisms of all the bale loaders as they consist of different types of controls.

How to Sell bales in Farming Simulator 22?

Once you collect multiple pieces of Bales from your farm, you can sell them at a good price.

  • Go to the Prices section from the game menu.
  • Scroll down below the several items, and look for the Straws.
  • Click on the Straws and tap on the Animal Dealer option from the right side menu.
  • Choose the location and drive your tractor to the desired location to unload the bales.
  • Make sure to park your tractor at the desired location in such a way that you can see the “Unload Bales” option.
  • Click on the Unload Bales option and bales will start unloading from the bale loaders.
  • Once you unload all the bales, a decent amount of money will be credited to your balance.

So this was all about how you can easily Pick Up and Sell Bales in Farming Simulator 22. You will need a bale loader and you can hire or purchase this by navigating to the tools section. Once you pick all the bales, you can sell them at a good price.

This article will guide you on everything related to picking and selling bales in the FS22 game. I hope you liked this article, if you have any queries related to this, feel free to ask us via below comment section.

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