How to play Dinkum Multiplayer or Co-op with Friends?

Dinkum Multiplayer mode allows you to play the game with your friends, so you don’t have to do all the work alone. Dinkum Co-op with Friends can boost the process of game as one can take care of the cattle, the other may catch fish, and you can plow the crops, etc.

Playing the Dinkum game with your friends sounds much more interesting and if you are also planning to play Dinkum Multiplayer or Co-op with your Friends, then you are at the right place.

How to play Dinkum Multiplayer?

In order to enable the Multiplayer mode, there are some requirements in the game that you must follow to play Dinkum with your friends. First of all, you must have spent at least one day in the game to unlock the multiplayer mode. You can only invite 3 players and only the host can kick the players from the game.

Install MODS in Dinkum

Invited players can’t move or sell items from the island, however, they can steal anything from the host island and carry it to their own island. Only 4 players can enter the Multiplayer mode, and each player has to choose their respective characters before entering the host island.

Now, if you meet the requirements, you are ready to play Dinkum co-op with your friends. Follow the below steps to play Dinkum Multiplayer mode.

How to Host a Game in Dinkum?

  1. First of all, Go to the Main-menu of the game.
  2. Select Multiplayer and choose your Character.
  3. There you can see three options – Friends Only or InviteOnly or Public or LAN
  4. Select Friends Only.
  5. Click on Host the Game.
  6. That’s it!! You will enter the map and invite your friends via Steam Invite.

How to Join a Game in Dinkum?

  1. Go to the Main-menu of the game.
  2. Select Multiplayer and choose your Character.
  3. Click on the Open Games at the top of the screen.
  4. Select Friends Only or Public Games from the list.
  5. If you have the game invite, then select Friends Only or you can also join using the host’s IP address.

In this way, you can play the Multiplayer mode in the Dinkum game with your friends. You can also invite your friends to your gameplay by following the above steps.

If you have any queries regarding Dinkum co-op with friends gameplay, then feel free to ask us via below comment section. Stay tuned with MechSocial for more Dinkum guides and news.

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