How to Play Split Screen Multiplayer in F1 22?

F1 22 is a recently launched car racing game developed by Codemasters and published by EA Sports. This game has a huge fan base and lots of new features. Split Screen is also a new feature in F1 22 that allows players to share their game screen and can play with other players who are just a few feet away.

This Multiplayer feature in F1 22 is quite advanced as you can split the screen in half. By this one player can control a Formula 1 vehicle on one end, and the other player will control a car on the other end.

You can easily use the split-screen feature in F1 22 as it doesn’t require any additional tasks to unlock it. Follow the below steps on how to play the split-screen multiplayer mode in the F1 22 game.

Can you play split-screen in F1 22?

How to Play Split Screen Multiplayer in F1 22?

If you want to play Split-screen, then you’ll need two controllers connected to your console. Make sure that both controllers are synced with your Gaming console and turned on.

Here’s how to start a split-screen race in F1 22 game:

  1. First of all, Launch the F1 22 game and navigate to the Multiplayer section from the game’s main menu.
  2. From there, select the Split-screen option.
  3. Now Player 2 will be asked to press the button that appears on the screen to participate in the race.
  4. Once Player 2 presses the button, Player 1 will have to select the race track and car to race.
  5. Then Player 2 will also get the option to choose their car.
  6. Player 1 can change the race options such as time of day, assist features, etc.
  7. Once Player 1 chooses the race options, they can click on the ‘Start Event‘ button.
  8. Likewise, Player 2 can also change the race options for their screen and hit the Start Event button to start the race.

Split Screen Feature in F1 22 game eventually puts one player in the top half of the screen and another player in the bottom half. However, there is not any function to change the side of the screen.

Two players can enjoy their race on a single screen having their own controls. So I hope this article helped you to play Split Screen Multiplayer in F1 22.

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