Poppy Playtime Characters Lists & Their Names

Poppy Playtime is a survival horror game, it was released in October 2021 on Steam for Microsoft Windows. You must survive vengeful toys waiting for you in the abandoned toy factory. Basically, it’s a puzzle horror game, and the first chapter is released. It features many horror characters and In this article, I will show you some Poppy Playtime Characters Lists & Their Names.

Poppy Playtime Characters Lists

Some main Mascots of the Poppy Playtime

1. Huggy Wuggy

Huggy Wuggy - Poppy PlaytimeHuggy Wuggy is one of the main mascots of Poppy Playtime. He is a blue creature with black eyes, his legs and hands are twice as yours, doesn’t have bones and it is more dangerous than it looks.

When he says something, people must listen or they will be killed by him. It always appeared in unexpected places and anyone shouldn’t go for his looks.

2. Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime is the important character of this horror-survival game. However, we haven’t seen her in the game, but she appeared at the end of Chapter 1. There are chances that Poppy is being inherited by a spirit. This disturbing baby doll appears immediately on the screen and says “I’m a real girl, just like you!

3. Bron

Bron - Poppy Playtime

Bron is a red dinosaur with black eyes and was born in 1961. He is always ready to taste your red blood and it can be the real antagonist in the upcoming chapters. It can possibly appear in the Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.



4. Candy Cat

Candy Cat - Poppy Playtime

Candy Cat is a blue-ish cat with a long tongue. She has appeared on the posters and maybe she can be one of the kind characters who will help you to escape. But imagine, what will happen if she grabs you with its long tongue and drags you into her disgusting mouth!


5. Boogie Bot

Boogie Bot - Poppy Playtime

Boogie Bot is a green robot toy character in Poppy Playtime. This toy has two tank-style treads instead of legs, however, its role is still unknown. It may appear in the next chapter, and fans are expecting that it will help players to escape from the horror factory.


6. Tigeress/ Cat Bee

Cat Bee

Players who have played the Poppy Playtime: Chapter 1, definitely met with Cat Bee when players create a new toy for the first time in the Make a Friend machine. Basically, it’s a half-cat and half-bee, and it is an important mascot to unlock a door to the exit.

7. Kissy Missy

Kissy Missy is the female version of Huggy Wuggy and her characteristics are similar to him. She is a pink creature and always ready to kiss you. She was created after the arrival of Huggy Wuggy and fans can see her in the game.

So these are some important mascots of the Poppy Playtime Characters Lists. Moreover, there are some other important characters in the game, and you can see them below.

8. The Players

The Player is the main protagonist character of the game, it is controlled by a human player. He/ she is stuck in an abandoned factory full of mysterious and horror toys. The player must stay alive in order to find a way to get out of the factory.

9. Avery

Avery is a Male character in Poppy Playtime and has some anger issues. He becomes angry at the small behavior of players and starts yelling. He is also a supervisor and you can see him first at Rich in the Yellow VHS Tape.

10. Jaren

Jaren is an employee of the marketing department at Playtime Co. However, no more information has been revealed about him/ her.

11. Stella Greyber

Stella Greyber is a female character and can be heard in the VHS tapes. She might be very friendly and appears an adult.

12. Interviewer

The interviewer is an unknown character in Playtime Co. He can be found taking interviews with another character as he asks Stella Greyber why she wanted to work at Playtime Co.

13. Leith Pierre

Leith Pierre is an unknown character in Playtime Co.

14. Rich

Rich is a hard worker and can be very friendly with players.

So this is all about Poppy Playtime Characters Lists & Their Names. I hope you enjoyed these titles and can’t wait to see them in the Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

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