How to Restore Lost Game Saved Data on PS5?

What to do when you have lost your game-saved data on PS5? This can happen after the game has crashed, forgot to save game data, or you have deleted the game data mistakenly, etc. Your PSN console allows you to restore Lost Game Saved Data on the PS5 console.

If the game data has been deleted from your console, you can encounter Lost Single Player or Online Progress issue. It doesn’t matter which game you are playing on your console, you can easily restore the lost game data on your PS5. This is a quick process and doesn’t take much time, but it will require an active internet connection.

How to Restore Lost Game Saved Data on PS5?

Taking a backup of your digital products is quite necessary at the present time. Thanks to the PS5 Cloud Storage that automatically saves your game progress and data. Even if your PS5 memory has crashed or formatted, you can backup your Game saved data from Cloud storage.

However, the only drawback to this feature is that you must have a PS+ membership to access the Cloud Storage feature. If you aren’t, then sadly you can’t access this feature.

Users can easily restore their lost game-saved data on PS5, by following these steps:-

  1. From the home screen, go to Settings with the help of your PS5 controller.
  2. Scroll down, and select Saved Data and Game/App Settings.
  3. Now, select Saved Data (PS5) for PS5 games, and if it is a PS4 game, then select Saved Data (PS4).
  4. Once done, select the Cloud Storage option from the right-side menu. It will allow you to copy your saved data to your console or you may delete the data from the cloud storage.
  5. Select Download to Console Storage.
  6. Now you’ll see the list of all the games on your console. Select the game whose you want to restore the lost data.
  7. Once you select the game, Select the Download button on the right side.
  8. When the download completes, select Yes to restore the data. (Please read the warnings and proceed ahead with your own decision.)
  9. Now it will ask you to overwrite your console data on cloud storage. Select Yes and wait till the download completes.
  10. Once done, go back to the previous screen and select Sync Saved Data. 
  11. Make sure that Auto Sync Saved Data is enabled and also enable the Auto Sync for the game that you just restored recently.

By default, Auto Sync will be disabled for that game, so make sure to enable it. Also, check that Auto upload to cloud storage is enabled for the game, so you can restore the recent data in the future.

That’s all, you need to know about how to restore lost game-saved data on your PS5 console. If you have any queries regarding this, then feel free to ask us via below comment section.

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