How to Revive Yourself and Teammates in Zenith: The Last City

The early access of Zenith: The Last City is finally out and fans are enjoying this game too much. Being a VR MMORPG game, it perfectly executes its story and gameplay in the VR experience. However, if you are a new player in Zenith: The Last City, then you might be wondering how to Revive Yourself and your Teammates.

In this article, I will tell you how you can easily Heal and Revive Yourself and your Teammates in Zenith: The Last City.

About Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City is a VR MMO (massively multiplayer online game and if you have a VR console, then you can play this game. VR is still a relatively new platform and it is not easy to fulfill the demands of players. But you can expect everything from this game, as you can play Solo or with your Friends.

This is an open-world game that lets you explore a vast world, join dungeon raids and world events, fight against deadly enemies or ghosts, Join parties and guilds, make new friends, invite them to your gameplay and start the countless hours of VR gaming.

However, the full version of this game is not yet launched, and it is expected to come early this year. You can enjoy the early access version of Zenith: The Last City, and start playing on your VR console.

How to Revive and Heal in Zenith: The Last City?

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction – Newton’s Third Law of Motion. If you will try to kill someone in Zenith: The Last City, they will also try to kill you. Chances are that you can get many injuries or will be killed at some point. You can also see your friends dying and if you are a new player, then you might be thinking about how to heal and revive.

Heal and Revive Yourself.

If you get too many injuries while fighting various monsters and embark on quests, your screen will become gray. To revive yourself, hold your hands together in a praying motion for approx 3 seconds. You will see a Gold circle start filling and it will take almost 3 seconds to respawn. Once it completes, you will be respawned and can fight again on the battlefield.

How to Revive your Teammates in Zenith: The Last City?

While fighting the monsters, your friends and allies might fall in the battle, and you can revive the dead players too. But before reviving them, kill all the enemies and clean the area, because if you try to revive other players, any attack on you can reset the reviving progress.

When a player dies in Zenith: The Last City, a cloud of smoke appears on his corpse. There you can also see a Red-line connecting the players to the smoke. To revive your teammates, place your hand over the red tendril until it turns blue. Hold your hand for approx 5 seconds, and your teammate will respawn at that location.

Please note that you can’t revive those players who have left the game and don’t want to play anymore. So this is all about how to heal and Revive Yourself and your Teammates in Zenith: The Last City.

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