How to See Previously Installed Apps from Play Store on Android

Are you looking for the apps that you mistakenly removed from your phone? It is easy to see previously Installed Apps from Play Store. In simple words, you can see all the apps that you have ever downloaded from your google play store account.

All you need is that you will need that e-mail id from which you downloaded the apps previously on Play Store. It works on a simple process, your e-mail id gathers all the data including the app downloaded history.

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You can easily install any app that you have installed on your older or lost phone. No matter why you deleted that app, maybe because to free up space or you didn’t think you’d use it again.

How to See Previously Installed Apps on the Play Store?

Sometimes our phone gets stolen or we reset it mistakenly and all our files, apps, and data get deleted. But what to do when we don’t remember some important apps that we have installed before?

Here is the easiest way to see previously Installed Apps on Play Store.

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Phone.

First of all, Open Google Play Store app on your android phone. You can easily find it on your home screen.

2. Sign in through your old or current e-mail address.

As I said above, You will have to sign in using the e-mail address you have used previously on Play Store.

3. Tap on Three-Line Menu Icon.

google play store

Now on the home screen of the Play store, look on the top-left side of your mobile screen. Tap on the three-line menu icon ☰  like this.

4. Open My apps & Games

My apps & Games

Click on the first option My apps & games. There you can see all the installed apps on your device. There you can see 4 tabs – Updates | Installed | Library | Share.

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5. Tap on the Library option.

You can check all the installed apps under the Installed section. These apps are currently installed on your device.

how to see all apps ever downloaded on android

If you want to see previously Installed Apps, then click on the “Library” option.

all apps youve installed

Here you can see all the apps that you have downloaded using that e-mail address. There you will only see apps that are not installed on your device.

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You can simply install them on your phone by clicking on the Install button. If you want to remove those apps from the library, then click on the X button and they will be removed from the list.


Q- Why some apps are not showing in Library on Play Store?

The library contains all the apps and games that you have downloaded before using an e-mail address. You can’t see apps that you have not downloaded using your current e-mail address.

Q- How do I see all the apps I’ve downloaded in 2020?

First, open the Play store app and click the three-line menu icon ☰ on the top-left of your screen. Now click on the first option My apps & games. Tap on the Library option and there you can see all the apps that you have downloaded before.

Q- How do I find my library on the Google Play store?

You can easily find the Library option under My apps & games in the main menu of the play store. To open the menu, click the three-line menu icon ☰ on the top-life of your screen.

Q- Can I find which games were installed earlier?

Open the Play Store on your smartphone. Click on the user icon in the top-right corner. Now select the Manage apps & device option. There you can see your installed games on your device. If you want to find which games we installed earlier, then click on the Installed button and select the Not installed option.

There you can find all the games that were previously installed on your device.

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