Farthest Frontier: How to Heal Villager’s Health

While working in the fields, your villagers can come in contact with rare diseases and they can fall ill. It is very important to heal the villagers’ health otherwise they will be bedridden and won’t contribute to the village’s productivity. In this guide, I will tell you how to detect disease and heal or improve the villagers’ health in the Farthest Frontier game.

How to Heal Villager’s Health in Farthest Frontier?

Before healing the villagers’ health, you need to know the illness first so you will be able to cure them. However, there are numerous factors that can ruin their health and without proper treatment, you can send them to the early grave.

Detecting the Disease

Diseases are caused due to the dirt in the village and outside. Your citizens may fall ill by consuming unhealthy as well as contaminated food and water. Working in bad weather without proper clothes can also ruin their health condition. Dengue, fever, and flu are spread during the rainy season.

Moreover, small cuts and untreated wounds may give free passage to dangerous infections in the villager’s body. Rats can also spread several diseases and if any of your villagers suffer from a heavy illness, he or they will be bedridden and won’t contribute to the village’s productivity.

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Healing Villager’s Health in Farthest Frontier

The first step you can take to improve the health of your people is by knowing the root of the disease. If you are pretty sure that he or she may have fallen ill because of contaminated food and water, then you need to provide them with healthy food and clean water.

Make sure to remove the dirt from their homes and outside to improve the surrounding environment. You can make villagers keep hygienic by providing them with soap, better clothes, boots, coats, jackets, etc. Don’t force them to work in Rainy weather as it may impair the citizen’s health. Also, anyone suffering from a heavy illness may need to be quarantined or they may spread the infection to others.

If rats are spreading diseases in your village, then hire a Rat Catcher to catch them. This can also help you in keeping your stored grains safe and improve the food quality.

Use of Healer’s House to improve Health

You can appoint a healer’s house in your village to improve the health of your citizens. The healer treats sick or injured villagers, saving their lives and reducing the time it takes for them to recover.

A healer can easily cure your people by giving them proper herbal medicines and taking care of them. You can quarantine sick people there, so they wouldn’t be able to spread the disease to others. Moreover, you can increase the bed capacity and upgrade the Healer’s House into a Hospital.

However, it may cost you 30 Golds a month to have a healer’s house in your village. So if you can manage to spend 30 golds every month for your villagers’ health, then you can appoint Healer’s house in your vicinity. And, if you let the citizens die in the early grave, it will lose village productivity.

So this is all you need to know about how to heal and improve a villager’s health in the Farthest Frontier game. If you do have any queries regarding this, then feel free to ask us via below comment section. Stay connected with MechSocial for more updates regarding Farthest Frontier.

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