How to turn off Fortnite crossplay on PS4, PS5 and Xbox?

turn off Fortnite crossplay

Fortnite crossplay allows you to play with Fortnite friends across platforms. It decreases the matchmaking time and Console players can easily play with PC players. Unfortunately, Fortnite crossplay is only available for console users only. However, some players didn’t find this feature useful, and this article is regarding how to turn off Fortnite crossplay on … Read more

Tower of Fantasy Character Customization Codes & Preset ID

Do you also want to unlock and customize some most famous Anime characters from popular games? If yes, then Fantasy Character Customization Codes & Preset ID allows you to import some customer characters like Aether Lumine, Rimuru Tempest, Yae Miko, Ohto Ai, etc. You can easily customize your default Tower of Fantasy Character into Genshin … Read more

How to Fix FF14 Launcher Error (A Technical issue has Occurred)

Fix FF14 Launcher Error

FFXIV is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) available for Microsoft Windows. This game has been running quite efficiently for a decade, but now players are facing FF14 Launcher Error. The game doesn’t start and players see a warning on their screen ‘A Technical issue has Occurred.’ On the other hand, many players reported … Read more

How to fix Destiny 2 Companion app not working in 2023?

Destiny 2 Companion app not working

“Are you experiencing difficulties with the Destiny 2 Companion app? You’re not alone. Many players have reported Destiny 2 Companion app not working issues with connecting to the game, syncing characters, and inventory, and receiving “cannot connect to servers” errors. The destiny 2 Companion app is very useful to track your progress and achievements. You … Read more

How to Change Your Grubhub Delivery Region?

Change Your Grubhub Delivery Region

Do you also work as Gruhub Driver and have recently moved to a different location or going to be in a different region? Then you must be wondering about how to change your Grubhub Delivery Region. This article contains step-by-step information regarding how to change and add a new Grubhub Delivery Region. How to Change … Read more