How to Clear Cache of PS4 to Enhance Performance

Do you also want to enhance the performance and speed of your PS4, then you should first clear the Cache of your PS4. It helps to improve the performance speed, increase the game loading time, no lags and crashes.

Deleting the cache is the best option to improve the performance of any system. When we install any game on PS4, it creates a cache file and it saves all gameplay campaigns and settings. If you delete that game from your PS4, the cache remains in your system, and it runs in the background.

So you should always delete the cache of games that you are not playing anymore. You can simply upload the cache to Cloud Storage if you have planned to play the game in the future.

Here are some easy steps that will help you to clear the cache of your PS4.

How to Clear Cache of PS4?

  1. Firstly, Open “Settings” from the menu.
  2. Tap on Storage from the several lists.
  3. Click on System Storage and then choose Saved Data.
  4. There you will see all the games listed, Now select the game which you have deleted or don’t want to play anymore.
  5. If you want to save the data online then select “Upload to Cloud Storage” and your game settings will be uploaded to the cloud storage.
  6. Click on the “Delete Saved data” and ‘”Clear cache”

That’s it!! Now restart your PS4 and you can see that the console is working smoothly and faster. If you have mistakenly deleted the current game settings then you can get it back by navigating to Settings> Application Saved Data Management> Saved Data in Online Storage>  Choose the game and re-download the data.

So these are some recommended methods that might help you Clear the Cache of PS4 to Enhance Performance. By doing this, your console will work much better than before.

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