How to Get Toxin Sac in Monster Hunter Rise?

Weapons heavy with poisonous substances can kill dangerous Monsters who boost their health faster in the Monster Hunter Rise game. However, it can be difficult to find Toxin Sac in Monster Hunter Rise without any guide.

In this article, I will tell you how to get Toxin Poison Sac, their location, and specific monsters’ names from whom you can carve the deadly sac.

What is Toxin Sac in Monster Hunter Rise?

Toxin Sac is a special material in Monster Hunter Rise that is used to craft and upgrade weapons and equipment in the game. Basically, it’s a monster organ filled with an extremely powerful toxin and it is very dangerous as the slightest touch can be risky and may result in death.

How to Get Toxin Sac in Monster Hunter Rise

You can obtain Toxin Sac by capturing or killing some specific Monsters. Toxin Sac in Monster Hunter Rise can also be obtained by looting the environment and completing Quests and game objectives.

The weapons and equipment crafted by Toxin Sac are significantly higher than its regular counterpart. These weapons can help you to hunt some dangerous Monsters who easily boost their health while fighting. You can use this material to craft weapons and armor such as Poisonous Veil, Chrome Razor I, Scythe of Menace, Remobra, Wroggi Mail S, etc.

How to Get Toxin Sac in Monster Hunter Rise?

Toxin Sac can be obtained from mainly three monsters and they are Great Wroggi, Basarios, and Pukei Pukei. They drop their organ filled with Toxin sacs while fighting, and you can easily craft them for your weapons.

But these monsters are very dangerous and deadly. It is recommended that you should approach them with a good plan to kill them, otherwise you will be dead in no time.

Here is the list of all the Monsters that drops Toixn Sac with high drop rates, so you can target them wisely.

Great Wroggi:

  • Rewards (Target) – 27%
  • Carving (Body) – 24%
  • Broken Parts (Head) – 18%
  • Items obtained by Palico – 23%


  • Rewards (Target) – 11%


  • Rewards (Target) – 17%
  • Capture Rewards – 18%
  • Carving (Body) – 19%
  • Broken Part Rewards (Chest) – 20%
  • Items Obtained by Palico – 19%

If you want to get Toxin Sac easily in the Monster Hunter Rise game, then you can target the Great Wroggi who have higher rewards and drop rates. Once you get the deadliest sac, craft weapons and armor to use against dangerous Monsters.

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