Is Legit and Safe to use? Read all the details

Are you tired of completing tasks on or on their app and thinking that you will get money or not? In this article, you will know all the details and my true opinion on “Is Legit and safe for my device”.

What is is a website where you can find many popular games and apps within changes. Basically, it provides a mod version of some most popular android and ios games in which you can get lots of free rewards, coins, and other items.

You can play and enjoy your favorite apps and games in one place. AppZilla provides you best entertaining games such as 8 Ball Pool+++, Apex Legends, Among Us++, COD, Candy Crush Saga, etc.

The website claims that you can earn real money by playing games on their platform. But it’s not easy as it sounds. You get points by playing the game and watching videos which is totally a time waste.

Even if you get too many cash points, you can’t withdraw them to your bank account without completing the promotional tasks. compels users to complete these tasks that include installing apps and extensions on their browser, allowing notifications from websites, injecting codes into their browser, etc.

You just do as they command, but you get another task to withdraw your cash. However, it is not easy to complete the verification and promotional tasks.

How does work?

When you install on your browser or Android and iOS device, you start getting lots of annoying pop-ups, on-screen text, notifications, automatic redirects, and installing extensions and apps.

is AppZilla Trustworthy is a third-party service that uses PPC (Pay-Per-Click) to generate profit from users. They allow users to play games and win real cash on their website. To withdraw cash in the bank account, users must have to complete the tasks and verification.

When you play any game on AppZilla, it asks you for injecting its tracking code into your web browser. When the injection gets done, it starts generating online promotional material on your browser’s window.

Whenever you visit any website, some annoying promotional material comes in the form of pop-ups, banners, notifications, on-screen texts, and redirect links. They might install suspicious software and extensions to your device and it may easily change the homepage of your browser.

Is Legit and Safe?

In my opinion, Absolutely not. However, AppZilla was listed on Google Play Store for some time but later Google and other traditional app store discontinued their service for this app.

Using AppZilla is risking your device. In the greed of earning some pennies from this app, you may risk your device and damage it. Annoying notifications, ads, pop-ups, and other online promotional material will harm your device and your mental health. These things will irritate you and you can’t do anything.

Is Legit
Is Legit

Your Privacy will no longer be private and data or files also may be damaged from your device. So if you love your device, never trust these types of fake websites and apps that claim to provide real money by just playing games.

Can I earn money from AppZilla?

Look everything runs on profit. Many people think about earning money on their mobile phones and they go for earning real cash for playing games. You see lots of advertisements for many apps that claim to provide real cash by just playing your favorite games on their app and website.

But It doesn’t look like it seems. You spend hours of playing games and some points get added to your wallet. When you manage to reach the minimum withdrawal limit, some tasks appear on your screen.

Can I earn money from AppZilla?

Without completing those tasks, you can’t withdraw the money. You just do as the tasks instruct you to do such as enabling notifications, allowing extensions, installing apps, etc. Even after you complete the tasks you can’t withdraw the money.

These types of services like are obviously fake. If you search on the Play Store you will see many apps that claim to pay anything by playing games on their apps. You will not believe that all of them are fake and they only waste your time to generate revenue by showing ads.

So If you don’t want to harm your device, don’t go for such types of websites like However, It was my opinion and I know many people wouldn’t believe it. But that’s the truth you will get nothing and may lose your device too.

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