How To Fix Data Transfer Failed in PES 2021 Mobile?

Fix Data Transfer Failed in PES 2021 Mobile: Many PES players are unable to transfer their data to the new account and they are getting a “Data Transfer Failed” error in PES 2021 Mobile. So I am here with a 100% working solution. Read the article carefully to fix the PES 2021 data transfer failed error in your mobile.

What is a Data Transfer Failed Error in PES 2021 Mobile?

Building your own awesome team on PES 2021 mobile takes too much time and effort. But what to do when you buy a new phone and want to play PES 2021 with your old account on your new phone? It is not easy at all, you have to first transfer your all data from the old device to the new one.

But, Recently Many PES players are unable to transfer their data and they are getting an error “Data Transfer Failed.” However, Konami (the developer of this game) lets you transfer your data only 10 times a month. If you have exceeded the limit, so you will have to wait for next month to transfer your data again.

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If you have not exceeded the limit and getting this error, then here is a proper solution for you.

How To Fix Data Transfer Failed in PES 2021 Mobile?

Before moving to the solution, you have to perform some most important things before migrating your data.

  • Set a Password first on your original device before deleting the app, otherwise, your all data will be lost permanently.

Write down some important things from your PES game –

  • Owner Id
  • E-mail address (Use the same e-mail address which is linked with your google play account and PES account.)
  • Team Name
  • Model Team
  • Owner Name
  • Team ID
  • Campaign Lv. (Sim)
  • Levels

Now after writing all the details, let’s move to the solution.

1. Clear Data, Cache, and Install Multiple Accounts App

  1. Open Settings of your phone and go to “Apps“.
  2. Now tap on “Installed apps” where all your apps are installed on your phone.
  3. Then look for the PES 2021 game and click on that.
  4. Now Tap on Internal Storage and then clear data and cache.
  5. Restart your Phone and connect to the WiFi.

Now Install the Multiple Accounts App from Play Store, and do the below steps:

  1. Open the Multiple Accounts App on your phone.
  2. Now click on the + button and add PES 2021 game.
  3. Soon It will start creating a clone of the app.
  4. Then try to transfer your data.

If this doesn’t fix the Data Transfer Failed in PES 2021 Mobile, then use the second method below.

2. Restore your data from the PES 2021 Troubleshooting.

  1. First of all, Click on the three-line menu on the right-bottom side of the game dashboard.
  2. Then click on Contact & FAQ and scroll down below to Agree to the terms and click on the OK button.
  3. Now scroll down below and tap on “I can’t restore my account using a data transfer“.
  4. Then again click on “I can’t restore my account using a data transfer”.
  5. Click on Accept button on the top-right side of your mobile screen and you will be redirected to the official website of Konami.
  6. Enter all the required details there and click on the Next button on the top-right side.
  7. That’s it!! It will definitely fix the Data Transfer Failed issue in PES 2021 game.

So these are some recommended methods that might help you to Fix Data Transfer Failed in PES 2021 Mobile. If nothing is working for you then you should contact the customer support of this game, they might help you.

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