Best Notification Blocker Apps for your Android Phone

Does your smartphone also rang and vibrates every time for annoying Notifications, then here are some Notification Blocker Apps. These notification blocker apps will allow you to control the notifications and you can easily block them with a single tap.

You can select some apps if you want to hear from them or not. These blocker apps are highly rated and are easily available at the Google Play store. If you want to install them, then you can check our following list of some best “Notification Blocker Apps“.

Sometimes many people allow notifications on chrome while visiting websites and then they start getting lots of notifications on their phones. So if you have also allowed Notifications of some websites and want to block them, then follow the below steps carefully.

How to Block Website Notifications on Chrome (Android)?

  1. First of all, Open “Chrome” on your smartphone and tap on the “three dots” right above.
  2. Now scroll down and click on “Settings“.
  3. Again scroll down below and tap on “Notifications“.
  4. If you want to block all the notifications coming from chrome then you can Turn-off the “Show notification” option by clicking on it.
  5. Or if you want to block some website notifications, then scroll down below and you can see all websites that are sending notifications.
  6. Tap on the websites you want to disable notifications.

That’s it!! Now your phone is safe from annoying website notifications.

Best Notification Blocker Apps for Android

A notification is used as a signal or short information. It tells its users about new or updated features, content, videos, music, movies, etc on its platform. No matter, which app you are using, you will get notifications from that app and sometimes it becomes too much irritating.

However, you can disable any app notification on your smartphone and it requires no third-party application. Here are some easy steps to block notifications of any specific android app.

How to disable the notification of any app from settings?

  1. Open the Settings of your phone and go to “Apps“.
  2. Now tap on “Installed apps” where all your apps are installed on your phone.
  3. Then look for the app you want to disable its notification and click on that.
  4. Click on “Notifications” and turn off the “Allow notification” option by clicking on it.

That’s all!! You will not get any notifications from that app. Now if your problem is not solved with this method then you can check our recommendation of some notification blocker apps below.

1. All Notification Blocker

All Notification Blocker app
All Notification Blocker app

This app is one of the most-rated notification blocker apps for android and it easily blocks texts and annoying notifications. There are so many features and filters available here that you can enjoy one of the best and most personalized filtering experiences.

All Notification Blocker app allows you to block all unwanted notifications and it has great functions to block spam and unwanted messages. Here you can choose the blocked calls to be either automatically rejected or picked up and rejected after.

Notable Features:

  • Block all spam and unwanted notifications and you can see them in the app later.
  • Works fine on both rooted and non-rooted smartphones.
  • You can schedule a specific time and all the notifications will be ignored. You can check them in the All Notification Blocker app later.
  • Easy to use and requires some normal permissions.
  • Allows you to block your incoming calls as per your schedule.
  • All Notification Blocker app gives you premium features free of cost.

This app has received 4.9 ratings on the Google Play store and its size is only 5.5MB. This app will not slow down your phone and you can use its all premium features without paying anything.

2. Notification Blocker & Cleaner

Notification Blocker & Cleaner app
Notification Blocker & Cleaner app

Notification Blocker & Cleaner is the smartest app to trash junk notifications and keeps your notification bar clean. You can choose among all the apps from which you want to see notifications with a single tap or you can block them via this app.

NC cleaner app allows you to hide system notifications, app notifications, and chrome notifications. It works smartly to block junk notifications with a single tap. All the trashed notifications can be seen in a single place and it mainly focuses to keep your notification bar neat and clean.

Notable Features:

  • Easily block all spam, junk, and work notifications and you can see them in a single place later.
  • New features include hiding system notifications for Android O and earlier versions.
  • Works smartly to trash junk notifications and keep your notification bar neat and clean.
  • Minimize memory usage and battery usage and helps to optimize your phone.
  • Non-root and normal permissions are required.
  • Available Free of cost.

This is the second Notification Blocker App on our list and has received 4.4 ratings with over 1M+ satisfied downloads. The size of this app is 5.8MB and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store.

3. Notification Cleaner & Blocker & Screen Lock

Notification Cleaner & Blocker & Screen Lock app
Notification Cleaner & Blocker & Screen Lock app

This app has more than a notification cleaner & blocker. It becomes an ad-free app for 3 days if you watch their single video as they claim. It cleans your notification bar easily & blocks junk notifications coming from the apps.

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Notification Cleaner & Blocker app locks your screen so that you don’t have to press the power button to lock it. You can see all the blocked notifications on the app dashboard and you can allow/disable apps to get notifications.

Notable Features:

  • Block junk notifications and keep your notification bar clean.
  • Go to ad-free for 3 days by just watching a video.
  • See all the blocked notifications on the app dashboard.
  • Screen lock and app sharing.

This is the last app on our list and now we would like to end this list because you can get all the features in these apps. So install one of these apps and say goodbye to spam and junk notifications.

Wrap-Up: Notification Blocker Apps

You can simply disable notifications of any app by following our above steps. These Notification Blocker Apps are all in one solution to block spam and junk notifications.

You can see all the blocked notifications on the app dashboard. Some of these apps allow you to block your incoming calls as per your schedule so you can focus on your work.

Now I would like to end this topic and if you have any queries related to this, you can comment below via the comment section. We will really like to hear from you.

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