How to Fix OpenGL Error 1280 (Invalid Enum) in Minecraft

Fix OpenGL Error 1280 (Invalid Enum) in Minecraft

Are you also getting OpenGL Error 1280 (Invalid Enum) while playing the Minecraft game, then don’t worry. Here we have discussed working methods to fix Minecraft OpenGL Error 1280. Outdated drivers of your Java Version and Graphics card can create such types of errors. Moreover, some Minecraft Mods can encounter OpenGL Error 1280 (Invalid Enum) … Read more

How to Fix (0x803F8001) Minecraft Launcher is not available in your account?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that is played by millions of users over different types of platforms. Microsoft launched the Minecraft Launcher for Windows users to make the gameplay easier. But recently, many users are getting 0x803F8001 Errors while launching the Minecraft game from the launcher. An error appears on the screen saying “Minecraft … Read more

Download & Install Multi Pixel Texture Pack in Minecraft?

Multi Pixel Texture Pack is available to download for Minecraft PE and Minecraft Java. The all-new texture pack of MultiPixel will increase the resolution of the textures to 32×32 pixels and you can enjoy smoother gameplay with better graphics. Minecraft 1.18 Update: Multi Pixel Texture Pack We all are familiar with the Minecraft game which … Read more