Fix Instagram Add Post to Your Story Not Showing in 2022

One of my friends told me that he can’t see the ‘Add Post to Your Story‘ option on his Instagram account. Instagram Add Post to Your Story was not showing on his smartphone. Basically, this is a default feature of Instagram that lets users Add Someone’s Posts, Reels, and Videos to their Instagram Stories.

Missing Add Post to Your Story error has become more frustrating for many Insta users. If you are also one of them and can’t see the “Add reel to your story” option, then you are at the right place.

Here, I will guide you on how you can fix Add Post to your story missing on the Instagram issue and you can share posts, videos, and reels to your Instagram story.

Why I can’t see the Add Post to Your Story option on my Instagram account?

Add Post to Your Story Missing on Instagram

We watch lots of videos and posts, and we often want to share them as our Instagram stories.

Add Post to your Story or Add Reel to your Story feature allows you to share someone’s post or reel as your Instagram Story. You can also share your own post and reel to your Instagram story.

But this feature is missing for lots of Instagram users.

They can’t see the Add Post to your Story option on their Instagram account. However, this feature is missing from your Instagram account due to a glitch. This issue is encountered by lots of Instagram users and thankfully we have several solutions for this.

How to Fix Instagram Add Post to Your Story Not Showing Error?

Follow the below methods to fix the Add Post to Your Story missing error on your Instagram account.

These methods will work for both Android and iOS users.

Fix 1: Update your Instagram app.

This is most important that your Instagram app should be updated to the latest version in order to use the Add Post to your story feature. Many Insta users are bereft of this feature because they haven’t updated the app.

Open the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone and search for Instagram. Now if you see any option to update the app, Update it and open the Instagram app.

Once you update the app, Add Post to your Story, and Add a Reel to your Story feature will be visible on your Instagram account.

Fix 2: Allow Sharing to Story.

Sharing to Story option allows other Instagram users to add your feed posts and IGTV videos to their stories. If you’ve mistakenly disabled it, then you also can’t share other people’s stories and posts.

To allow sharing to story option, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS phone.
  2. Navigate to your Instagram Profile.
  3. Click the three horizontal line menu on the top-right corner of your screen.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Go to Privacy and select the Story option.
  6. Scroll down below and Enable the Allow sharing to story option.

Once enabled, Add Post to your Story and Add Reel to your Story feature will start showing on the sharing list.

Fix 3: The Creator may have disabled Re-sharing.

Many video creators don’t allow their followers to share their posts and videos as Stories. They might have disabled Allow sharing to story option and as a result, Instagram Add Post to Your Story is missing for that particular post.


If they are your beloved ones, then you can ask them to enable the allow sharing to story option. Moreover, if you want to share that video as your story, then you can download it via any Instagram post and story downloader app.

Fix 4: Scroll down your Sharing list.

Many Insta users claimed that the Add post to your Story option was not showing on the top of the sharing list, but it was on the bottom line. Maybe this same can happen to you because of any glitch.

Click on the Arrow icon beside any post or reel to share it. Now scroll down the sharing list until you see the Add Post to your Story or Add Reel to your Story option. When you see it, just share it as your story and you’ll have to repeat the same process every time to share posts to your stories.

Don’t worry, this glitch will be fixed after an update and the story-sharing option will appear on the top.

Fix 5: Clear all the cache and data of the Instagram app.

An outdated cache and corrupted data may cause the Instagram Add Post to Your Story Not Showing error on your smartphone.

To fix this issue, you should clear the data and outdated cache of the Instagram app.

On Android:

  1. Open the Settings of your phone and go to “Apps“.
  2. Now tap on “Installed apps” where all your apps are installed on your phone.
  3. Then look for the Instagram app and click on that.
  4. Now Tap on Internal Storage and then clear data and cache.’

On iOS:

  1. Go to the Settings of your Apple device.
  2. Click on your “Apple ID Profile” tab and select “Manage Storage” from the i-cloud sub-menu.
  3. Scroll down below and find the Instagram app.
  4. Now disable and delete the data of the app.

Once you delete the cache and data of the Instagram App, make a fresh restart to your device. Now login to the Instagram app again and you can see the Add Post to your Story and Add Reel to your Story option.

Fix 6: Delete and Re-install the App.

If any of the above steps are not working for you, then you should try to uninstall the Instagram app. Don’t worry, it will not delete your account and data.

After deleting the app, open your App store and search for the Instagram app. Install it from there and open the app.

Login to your account using your username and password. Now you can share any photo, posts, or videos to your Instagram story.

Last Words

So this is all about how to fix Instagram Add Post to Your Story Not Showing in 2022. You should not share any false information, or hateful content, or violate Instagram policies because it may block some features or even your Instagram account.

However, this error is caused by a glitch and you can follow the above steps to fix the Add Post to Your Story Missing on Instagram error.

You can keep your Instagram account safe by not doing the below things:

  • Don’t use any script or app to increase followers or like.
  • Don’t follow-unfollow many users in a single day
  • Never login to unknown third-party apps or services via your Instagram account.
  • Never comment with abusive words.
  • Don’t spread nudity or child-p0rn.

I hope this page will help you to get your account back and you can use it again. If you liked this article, please share this article with your friends.

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